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Your Horoscope for Today – June 29


The aspect between Venus in Cancer and retrograde Neptune in Pisces will encourage us to seek forgiveness or forgive another person ourselves. The day will be successful for people with creative professions because they'll be loaded with inspiration.

Aries - The intimacy you share with your partner will motivate you to grow your relationship. Instead of focusing on subjects that don't really matter, try to bring in some changes to your love life. Through persistence you'll handle the problems before you.

Taurus - Nothing's going to escape your watchful gaze today and this may be beneficial in your relations with others. You have the opportunity for positive growth in your partnerships with others. Don't give in to anger, be more compromising so that your day is a successful one.


Gemini - Today you're easily going to arouse interest and it's going to be a real challenge for others to stop asking you for your opinion. You're motivated to work but aren't quick enough to take advantage of the good opportunity. You may also be experiencing lots of hesitation about an important decision that others are waiting for you to make.

Cancer - Today you're going to experience a strong desire to restore an old love relationship, without taking into consideration all the time that's passed and the changes that have come about. It's good to be goal-oriented but first think about whether your dreams are realistic before you take any specific actions. Creative activities are recommended today.

Leo - You have a strong desire to take risks, while your impulsiveness will entice you to take up new projects. Even though you'll seek immediate satisfaction today, try to pick goals that will bring you long-term benefits. You won't be lacking any courage but you also need to be more initiative, in order to attract positive changes.

Virgo - Today you'll discover that you've been stuck in a routine for a while and you'll immediately feel the need to change things up with something new and different. The day is ideal for making a revision of your plans and determining what's still worth working on. Invest your energy in only what's truly important and soon you'll notice progress.

Libra - The challenge for you today will be to adapt your dreams to reality. If your big goals are related to financial acquisitions or an increase in material goods, you're going to have to motivate yourself and work more actively on these issues. Rely on your knowledge and past experience to make the right decisions.

Scorpio - Only work on assignments that your heart's into today. You don't need to give up on your big dreams but you can leave the important decisions for another day and focus primarily on yourself today. Come up with dreams you can pursue with all the passion you're capable of.


Sagittarius - It's time to let go of the past that's still affecting you. Forgive the people that have hurt you or seek forgiveness if your conscience isn't clear. You have the opportunity to begin anew but you have to share the emotions you're trying to conceal. You won't lose confidence if you're sincere.

Capricorn - Hard work will give results today, especially if working as part of a team. Collective labor will be a lot more beneficial than the individual kind. The people around you today will charge you with motivation and inspiration. Be open to your new acquaintances and you'll be surprised by how pleasant they are.

Aquarius - It's time to focus on your career and invest the majority of your free time into projects you've so far ignored. You won't be lacking any enthusiasm for change and all you have to do is act quickly in order not to miss your opportunity for a positive change in your professional life.

Pisces - The day is suitable for directing your efforts toward unfulfilled dreams. Just know that there is no shortcut to realizing them and that you will need faith, as well as hard work, to transform what you want into reality. Don't be discouraged by the slow rate of progress and don't be tempted by dishonest methods for achieving your goals because if you don't put in the necessary efforts, you'll only regret it later.