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Man of the Future Will Have Fins and Webbed Feet

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Man is the most adaptable mammal. This has allowed its survival as a species over the millennia.

Evolution is a process that still continues today. According to paleontologists from Kent State University the body of the modern humanoid will continue to change in the future as well. It's entirely possible for some body areas to have hair loss, with a thick layer of fatty tissue appearing instead, and for webbed feet and hands to develop. These will assure greater surface area for limbs' water drag.

The changes will be the result of the rapid rise in sea level. Melting of the ice, which is now fact, may lead to man giving up his habitat on land for water. The man of the future will be forced to spend a lot more time in it and physical changes will allow him to move much faster in water.

According to paleontologists, man's appearance will change extremely after a large asteroid hits Earth, causing an ice age. The atmosphere will be almost completely clouded and prevent sunlight from coming through.

This will lead to human skin and hair becoming lighter. The amount of hair will increase in certain spots in compensation for others, while the face and especially the nose will increase in size - to heat the colder air more efficiently.

Besides webbed feet/hands and the greater amount of fat, like seals, scientists predict that humans' limbs will elongate like in birds, while our lungs will have half their current volume. This will allow for living underwater more comfortably and for longer periods.


And to see better in the murky water, our eyes will become like a cat's. A new layer of tissue will most likely appear behind the retina - tapetum lucidum, which will enable humans to see better in low light conditions. All taken together, the man of the future may look like a combination of a duck and seal with cat's eyes.

At the same time, the people who will be living on Mars in the future will also change physically. Man won't have any natural competitors on the foreign planet and the need for physical strain will be brought to a minimum. As a result, his size will diminish and his teeth will completely disappear. The mouth won't change after birth and will serve only to take in liquid food.