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Man Chops Off his Nose to Look More Like a Comic Supervillain

Red Skull

Obsession over our favorite movie stars and heroes from TV and film leads to asocial behavior ever more frequently, believe researchers. Evidence of this is 37-year-old Venezuelan man Henry Damon. The residents of the capital, Caracas, cut off his nose in order to look more like his favorite comic villain Red Skull. Fans of the Marvel universe comic are familiar with the fearsome antihero as the main antagonist of Captain America, the First Avenger.

Recently, the Daily Mail told the story of Damon. For years, the eccentric Venezuelan's main goal has been to look more and more like Red Skull. To do this, he has undergone numerous plastic surgery operations.

His road to transformation began by implanting silicon with under the skin of his face and arms. What followed was the surgical removal of his hair and alterations to his ears.

All of these procedures were performed by the surgeon Emilio Gonzales, including the latest severe operation to remove part of Henry Damon's nose. Gonzales says that there are still several more operations planned before the obsessed Venezuelan transforms into the comic supervillain outright. By the end of the year, he is to have implants placed in his cheekbones, cheeks and chin and to paint his face red.

For his seemingly strange affinity, Damon has undergone psychiatric evaluation, which has determined that he is a completely healthy man, both physically and mentally. An interesting tidbit about him is that he is happily married with kids but now wants to be called the nickname of his favorite comic book supervillain.

Plastic Surgery

"He is a wonderful son, husband and father with an extreme taste for body modification. My clients are aware that body modification is the extremest form of body art and know what they want. Many of them wait years to make their dreams come true, " tells Emilio Gonzales with regard to his client.

The surgeon himself has also taken the road less traveled as a representative of his profession. About a year ago he quit his medical training to dedicate himself to tattoos and extreme forms of body surgery.

The Red Skull first appeared in the Marvel comics universe in 1941. In the latest supervillain countdown of the comic book giant, he took the number 14 spot out of about 150 candidates.