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Man with a Knife in his Back Walks Around a McDonald's


An unprecedented spectacle shocked both customers and staff at a McDonald's restaurant in the New York county of Queens. A man with a kitchen knife sticking out of his back entered the fast food restaurant, report world news media.

The customers were eating quietly in the restaurant when they were suddenly horrified by the arrival of a bleeding man, from whose back protruded a knife.

"I couldn't believe it, this person was completely calm. I began to remove the knife from his body but at that moment someone yelled out that I shouldn't do it because I might affect an artery, " explains a worked up customer from the diner.


The unique visitor's name is Andrew Hardy and he is 53 years old. The man had tried to stop a group of street hooligans, who were throwing bottles at each other, but unfortunately for him, he was stabbed in the back by one of them.

Despite that, Hardy kept his self-composure and managed to get to the adjacent street with the McDonald's restaurant. The 53-year-old man even called the ambulance by himself and sat down in the fast food diner to wait for the emergency medical team.

"Right after he called 911, he called some other people as well. He most likely dialed his family and friends. All he said was that he was calling because he might never hear them again. Throughout the entire time however, the knife stuck out of his body, " says a shocked eyewitness.

Hardy was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center on time. Luckily for him, his injuries turned out not to be too serious and he was discharged from the hospital just a few hours after the incident.