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Superstitions to Determine the Future Sex of a Child

Nina NordNina Nord
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Prospective parents are often curious to know what their child will be - boy or girl from the first weeks of pregnancy.

Some beliefs can help prospective parents understand what the sex of their future child is. Naturally, you should not trust them one hundred percent, but many of them have been checked and are believed to be accurate.

According to folk beliefs, if the mother's abdomen is pointed at the front end, it will be a boy. If the outside of the mother does not change during pregnancy, and it becomes even more beautiful, popular belief is- her baby will be male.

pregnancy superstitions

A boy will be born if a woman first felt the baby kick on the right. But if the first kick of Baby is on the left, expect a baby girl.

A boy will be born if the woman remains lean and only her belly sticks out further. But if you gain weight quite a bit, most likely the baby will be a girl.

If during pregnancy, the skin of the mother shines straight and smooth as silk and her hair is thick and shiny, the baby will be a boy.

If in pregnancy, the right breast gets slightly larger than the left, the baby will most likely be a boy.

A pregnant woman who chooses to eat meat and savory foods, expects a boy.


If a woman's belly is round during pregnancy it is gaining serious size, most likely she will give birth to a girl.

If the skin of the face and body are covered with spots, but the appearance is slightly degraded compared to the period before pregnancy, the baby will be a girl.

If the mother prefers to eat sugary foods, most likely the baby will be a girl.

If a pregnant woman is constantly changing her mood, she probably expects a girl.

If the right breast of the mother increases in comparison with the left during pregnancy, a girl will be born.

If a pregnant woman strongly felt nausea in the morning in the first three months, most likely a girl will be born.

Folklore can be checked using ultrasound, to make it clear whether it is correct.