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Egyptian Tombs to disappear in 150 years

Egyptian Tombs to disappear in 150 years

In 150 years time, the Tombs of the Ancient Pharaohs and Emblems of Egypt will be erased from the world maps. Egyptian experts have alerted.

The reason for their worry is that the climatic conditions over the years have had and continue to have a detrimental effect on the pyramids.

According to Zahi Hawass, one of the leading experts on ancient monuments in Egypt, lichens and humidity corrode the walls of the tombs.

Every year the tombs are visited by countless crowds of tourists, this also reflects badly on the tombs as insufficient ventilation and the breath of humans are causing irreversible damage to the cravings and paintings in the tomb. So Hawass believes.

Egyptian Tombs to disappear in 150 years

In order to preserve the wealth inherited from the ancients, Zahi Hawass made a proposal to the authorities in Egypt proposing some of the tombs to be closed and to build replicas for the tourists.

To extend the "life" of the tombs, the number of tourist who visit are now to be drastically reduced. (Source: Internet)