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Shocking Crimes from the Past, Revealed by Archaeologists


Despite the idealized images from the past presented in our history books, the truth is that Antiquity and the Middle Ages were savage times, times of blood and horror, where being impaled on a spike or strung up on a cross was not something unheard of, but a part of everyday life.

Under tons of soil and the ruins of ancient settlements, archaeologists today are still finding evidence of shocking crimes dozens of centuries ago, convincing them that human history has been thoroughly drenched in blood.

Brace yourself for the most shocking finds uncovered by those seeking the truth about our past:

Bath of Horrors in Israel

During excavations of an ancient bath from the time of the early Byzantine Empire, archaeologists came upon a terrifying discovery in the sewers. They were filled with the bones of babies. The drainage system bore the remains of over 900 babies. Archaeologists today still cannot explain the reason for this atrocity.

Spanish Cannibals from the Last Ice Age

In a cave on the outskirts of Seville, scientists uncovered numerous human bones. The majority of these had fractures and strange injuries. After analysis, archaeologists found that the trauma was inflicted by human teeth. In the cave they found the bodies of 7 women, 8 men and nearly 12 children.


The Headless Vikings

On the outskirts of Dorset, England, railroad workers found a mass burial pit, full of bones. After investigation it became apparent that the remains belonged to Vikings. All were beheaded. Their skulls were found in a different grave, not too far from their skeletons. Archaeologists posit that they were prisoners of war from the battles of the Anglo-Saxons with the Norman invaders of the island.

Prehistoric Justice

A commonplace find by archaeologists, investigating the prehistory of Scandinavia, is heads on pikes. According to historians, this was a severe form of punishment for the ancient Vikings - besides death and desecration of the body. This type of justice was used more than 8000 years ago.

Chemical Weapon from 20 Centuries Ago

Whether chemical weapons were used during the past 4 years of the Syrian Civil War is not completely certain, with the clarity of information depending on the geopolitical viewpoint. But solid proof of the use of a weapon of mass destruction has been found during excavations near the city of Dura-Europos.

Persian warriors lay siege to the Syrian city and began digging tunnels around it, to bypass the Roman defenses. The Romans decided to start digging their own tunnels which were supposed to cross the Persians'. As a counter, the Persian warriors set up one of the most horrifying traps in military history - a petrochemical mixture which literally turned the Romans' lungs into acid.