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A Boy Survives 10 Months Without Food and Water

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Buddha Boy

A teenager from Nepal shattered all scientific theories, by staying alive for 10 months without consuming any water or food, while meditating.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, now known as the Buddha Boy, had decided to meditate by a tree in Nepal, initially wanting his meditation to last for 6 years.

His actions were monitored by many locals and journalists from around the world.

Photos of the first 4 days of the Buddha Boy's meditation indicated that he showed no signs of dehydration, even though science claims that a person can only last 3 to 4 days without water.

In order to make sure this had not been some elaborate hoax, journalists had placed cameras everywhere around the boy, to monitor every single one of his movements.


Observations proved that there were no hidden pipes or other sources of food and water near Ram.

The 96 hours of non-stop filming of the Buddha Boy, rebutted scientific theories, by showing that he was alive, despite not drinking water and not eating.

Ram maintained a single pose while meditating and the organs of his body functioned normally.

Filming of the meditation of the Nepal teenager continued for 10 months, after which, he disappeared from his spot.


Eyewitnesses told that Ram headed for the jungle, to continue with his meditation, since the journalists and other curious people who came to watch him, interfered with his inner peace and calm.

Because the scientific community was unable to logically explain the unnatural tenacity of the boy, locals believed that the spirit of Buddha had entered the boy and nicknamed him the Buddha Boy.

This is not the first person to have endured a long time without food and water.

Some time ago an Indian man claimed that he had not had anything to eat or drink for 70 years.

He too pointed to meditation as the reason for his survival.

Another case documented another Indian man who, for a period of 411 days, consumed nothing under strict medical observation.

He remained alive and well and explained that he fed off the sun's rays, which contained enough energy.