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Beliefs Related to the Christian Cross


Wearing a cross is one of the most widespread rituals for luck and well-being in the Christian world. The cross has definitely proven to be the most powerful talisman for all Christians, with believers all over the world wearing it in the hopes of it protecting and guiding them in life. Besides protection however, the relic has other potent influences on us.

Take a look at the most popular beliefs related to the most Christian of symbols

According to beliefs, besides being a powerful talisman for the person wearing it, the cross can also be an indicator of their spiritual state. Of course all miraculous properties attributed to the cross apply only if it is consecrated in a church and not simply bought from a store.

The Christian tradition greatly enriched the symbolism of the cross, adding in the image of the suffering and salvation of Jesus Christ.

The main restriction in beliefs about the cross is not to wear someone else's cross because by putting it on they take on the sins of the relic's original owner.


For this same reason, one should never pick up a cross found on the street. Even though the cross is a positive symbol, by picking it up from the ground you can bring diseases and misfortune to your home.

If you've been wearing a cross on your neck for a while and you notice that it's darkened - according to the beliefs this is a sign that someone around you is negatively affecting you.

Of course many of the beliefs related to the Christian cross have also been mirrored on to the traditions in the observance of certain holidays. On January 6, the Orthodox church commemorates Epiphany. This is considered one of the major Christian holidays, with the cross being the point of focus throughout the whole day.

People believe that water has a greater power on Epiphany. Besides cleansing sins, it can heal, which is why the sick go into the river where the cross is thrown. If the cross freezes the year will be good and fertile for the land. And the lucky person who manages to grab the cross won't succumb to any diseases and troubles all year long.

The holy Christian holiday of Palm Sunday also has a belief regarding the cross. People have long believed that if you place a willow branch over a cross, every difficult task throughout the year will be completed without a problem.