The Stubbornness of These Zodiac Signs Will Drive you Insane!
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The Stubbornness of These Zodiac Signs Will Drive you Insane!


Each person possesses both positive and negative character traits. But we can't deny that in some star signs, their stubbornness, egotism and single-mindedness take on prevalence, earning them the top spots on the list of the most stubborn zodiac signs. Here they are:

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

When it comes to the stubborn representatives of this sign, it can be said that they enjoy the battles they lead significantly more than the end results. Scorpios are born leaders, who simply delight in pursuing some sort of goal. It's as if the phrase doing the impossible was created just for them. Mysterious and very complicated by nature, Scorpio gets a tremendous amount of work done, is not afraid to confront everyone and everything that gets in his way.


Aries Zodiac Sign

The greatest shortcomings of Aries, that earn him the silver medal in this list, are his fury, constant unpredictability and suspiciousness. Even though not famed for being the vengeful type, in comparison to the 2 zodiac signs below, keep in mind that he is very slow to forget. He may act stubborn for months and not say a single word if you've upset him somehow.

It would practically take having clairvoyant abilities to be able to read an Aries's mood. Another negative trait that can ruin their relations with others, is their unpardonableness. Often they speak impulsively, since the last thing on their mind is the opinion and feelings of others.

Taurus Zodiac Sign


The element that rules over the zodiac sign of Taurus is earth. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone more stable and capable of withstanding emotions in the entire zodiac. Taureans are as strong and resolute as stone. This horned representative of the zodiac is known for his stubborn nature - he cannot be made to go where he does not want to or to do something that he does not himself wish to. Of course you'd be wasting your time if you've decided to try to convince Taurus that he is indeed stubborn. They consider themselves analytical, patient and wise and to be simply defending their position.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn too does not give ground to the other zodiac signs when it comes to stubbornness but does stand out with his endurance - both physical and mental. With astounding patience and unbelievable persistence, he overcomes all obstacles that get in his way.