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Why is it Difficult to Fall Asleep When We're Exhausted?


The word insomnia comes from Latin and defines a condition in which a person is unable to fall asleep or their sleep is of poor quality.

As a result they feel tired, drowsy, slightly anxious. All of this has an effect on the work process, communication, mood and health in the future.

It turns out that many people have difficulties falling asleep. For some the problem is short-term, for just a few nights, while in others it becomes chronic. This means that the lack of quality sleep could have been ongoing for a month.

It is important to note that the words "I'm tired" and "I'm sleepy" are not interchangeable and a person doesn't always feel sleepy when they feel tired.

You might also feel exceptionally tired but the body might not be ready for sleep. In such cases, the brain works overtime and the more a person thinks, the more difficult falling asleep becomes, despite the fact that they are tired.

The reasons are many and varied. Different experts point to such as being a disease or feelings of pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety. Insomnia can also occur when changing time zones, also before a wedding or some other celebration.


Exhaustion has a negative effect on the body, it takes over consciousness and makes it uneasy and preoccupied. It can lead to depression and the inability to carry out everyday tasks.

The way to get rid of excessive thoughts and feelings of fatigue is to first try to help yourself.

If the reason for your exhaustion is obvious, try to get rid of it or avoid it in the future. To set your mind in a way that looks at this problem more optimistically and not worry about whether you will fall asleep the next day.

Occupying yourself with a pastime that usually relaxes and calms you may also be of use. Create positive emotions, rest and if needed, consult a professional.