World Record: 13 Babies in the Womb of an Iraqi Woman
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World Record: 13 Babies in the Womb of an Iraqi Woman

Jana G.Jana G.

An Iraqi woman may be entered into the record books as the mother with the most babies in her belly. She is carrying 13 babies in her womb.

The woman, living in the Iraqi province of Saladin, shocked her husband once she realized that she was pregnant. The mother-to-be is 40 years old and after a visit to the doctor, it became evident that she would be giving life to a whopping 13 children. 13 embryos were discovered in her womb after the visit.

It turned out that the woman and her husband had been trying to have children for 5 years but every time, they were unsuccessful. Because of this, her husband left her, without knowing that he would soon become a father.


The man even found a different woman, with whom he would attempt to leave an heir after his own passing, but suddenly it became evident that he would have 13 babies from his first wife. This turn of events made him go back to his former wife, whom he had not officially divorced.

It is becoming clear that he would be the only man to have so many children at once - there has not been a case like this so far.

According to doctors, there is a serious risk of the babies not being able to develop correctly and some of them may need to be sacrificed in order for the others to have enough room to grow.


Based on initial analyses of the condition of the woman, 4 of the embryos are already dead but further studies are needed because there is a chance for those analyses to be inaccurate.

The remaining 9 embryos aren't in any danger so far but there is a chance that the weaker ones may perish. Currently, the mother is in a hospital under supervision, since the doctors have determined that to remain in her home would pose a risk not only for the babies but for her as well.

The current record holder for the most babies born at one time is the American Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to 8 at once. Nadya was much criticized, for she birthed 8 children despite the fact that she already had 6 and lives alone.

To support herself, the unemployed mother was filmed in a porno with an unexpected payment of nearly 1 million dollars.