Superstitions for Every Occasion


Whether or not you believe in folk beliefs and superstitions, they have long accompanied us. They are passed on from generation to generation.

We have picked out some popular superstitions. The choice is entirely yours whether you will take them into consideration or live life without a single care.

Older people explain that if while you eat you look in a mirror, you will become sick and end up eating your beauty.

It's a bad sign if you leave a brand new suit on your bed.

Things will not go well if you wash your hair on Monday or Wednesday.

If two people eat using the same spoon, they will have an argument.

It is not wise to give a needle and thread to someone. If you do, you risk falling ill. Still, if you must hand a needle, it needs to slightly poke the person, to prevent any arguments.

You will also fall sick if you step over a broom. Brooms must be stored with their handles pointing down. This way, money will flow toward you.

Piggy bank

Your health will also worsen if you sit in a sick person's place.

Clothes that are taken off must be put on a clothes hanger and not strewn all about the room, since that causes an evil spirit to sit on them.

It is not a good idea to loan out money on Tuesday, for you too will become a debtor. Also never loan money at night or accept money at that time. Accept money with your left hand but give them with your right. This way you won't run out of money.

If a magpie sits across from your window, it means guests will arrive soon. If someone is sick in your household, they will soon get better.

If a fork or spoon falls off from the table - a woman will arrive. If a knife falls - a man will come.

It is not prudent for a pregnant woman to go to a funeral and give her farewell to the deceased because her child will be yellow and pale like a corpse.


If you are in a bad mood, it's best not to cook. Otherwise you will load your family with negative energy.

When leaving for the church, the bride must exit the house by stepping over the threshold with her right foot first. If not, she will not be happy in her marriage, while her husband will cheat.

If you wish to enjoy financial well-being, do not rush to spend your paycheck in a single day. You shouldn't even count any cash received. You must first take the money home to stay overnight. Only then should you count and spend it.

Every time you leave your home, get in the habit of placing a banknote by the mirror so that it is reflected in it. This will help to increase your money even when you are absent.

If your neighbor asks you for some salt and bread, do not give them to her - otherwise your wealth will be transferred to the neighbors.

According to beliefs, the color red attracts money. That's why it's best for your wallet to be red. And to increase the effect, carry a red piece of paper in it.

If during pregnancy, a woman has a flat belly and perky butt, the child will be a girl, while if she has a protruding belly and flat butt - a boy.

Once birth is about to begin, all doors must be left open upon leaving the home, to have an easy birth.

Wherever the baby's belly button is thrown, that is where its life will be spent.

If salt is sprinkled on the woman's head without her knowing and then her nose is touched, it will be a boy, and if her chin is touched - a girl.