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Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

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If you want to truly understand the Scorpio woman, you must love her - she is quite a fascinating character. In general, the Scorpio woman differs to some extent from the male representatives of this sign.

They are more talkative than Scorpio men, but are also adept at being secretive on first dates and provoking others to form an attitude toward them. No matter what the attitude is - there is not a person who will manage to remain indifferent toward Scorpio.


This also includes the Cancer man. He will definitely form an opinion of the Scorpio woman and manage to understand her in a way, in which neither of them would have thought possible.

The Cancer man wins the attention of the Scorpio mainly with the fact that he is remarkably considerate and loves to listen. This will make them highly attached to each other and begin a genuine and fulfilling relationship. But the Scorpio woman remains secretive and does not reveal herself fully.

The romantic side of the male Cancer will captivate the female Scorpio. She is not of the women who carry romance within them. It turns out however, that when in a combination with a Cancer man, the romantic gaze of the Scorpio woman is also awakened.


At the same time, she remains a true firestorm - for her, things are either one way or another, she doesn't play games and is not of the type of women that love to complain about all kinds of things.

This is a quality which the Cancer male truly values in a partner. When it comes to their families they have the same view - respect and more respect.

That which may ruin this relationship is the inability for them to deeply and truly get to know each other. The female Scorpio, as previously stated, is highly secretive and this often creates an obstacle for men to really get to know her.

And the Scorpio man is not insolent - he believes that if someone wants to share they will do so and he would never allow himself to be intrusive. The truth is however, it will weigh heavily on him if she doesn't allow him into her heart and this connection will end.

When it comes to sex, things are looking great - the Cancer man is a good and dedicated lover, while the Scorpio woman is profoundly passionate. There are not many differences between them but if they cannot deal with them, they will not be able to stay together.