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Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

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The Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman are a fascinating couple, since they represent the union of fire and water. Their relations are exceedingly strange because they will both attempt to manipulate the other.

At the same time however, both are capable of sensing deep feelings. They have all the best chances of having a serious, filled with emotions connection, that would last many years.

The Sagittarius man is one who likes to socialize with new people, always wants to be with his friends and meets new people easily. He is always the heart of the group and is in his element when he is among large groups of people.

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The Scorpio female only pretends to be social; this is just a mask, behind which hides her stubbornness and her aim of observing and controlling the situation.

Neither of them would ever suspect the type of emotional storm that would fall upon them when they decide to get together for a serious relationship. The Sagittarius man's nature will change under the influence of the serene lifestyle, while the Scorpio woman will show her true self gradually.

They may play games with each other while learning about the other person's character and it may come to the point where they turn this game into the meaning of their joint life.


The difference lies in the fact that the male Sagittarius plays this game openly, while the female Scorpio makes her move from the shadows, to win the game using foul play. For her, this is a completely normal mode of behavior and she has no compunction about playing unfairly.

The Sagittarius man will rain his blows directly, while the Scorpio woman will accumulate insults and aggression, blowing up from time to time, hitting below the belt.

But after they get past the period of adaptation, both will be able to live well. After each argument, both will reconcile quickly and forget about the insults and blows that they have caused to each other.

A true friendship emerges between them after the initial burst of passion passes. Both may be together for a long time if they put in the effort to quickly forgive their partner's mistakes.

Their love will be filled with hardships, but both are superbly happy with each another and it is worth giving way in order to remain together.



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