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Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

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Scorpio and Capricorn get along with each other smoothly. Capricorn conceals many fears but also thirsts for intimacy, while the Scorpio is exciting and quite intriguing. Both see getting to know each other as a pleasant challenge.

A Capricorn man is an independent and committed personality, whose face reveals wisdom and consistency. As a whole, he leads an ambitious life and goes after these ambitions with fervor. Capricorn is a person who keeps everything hidden within.

He doesn't talk much but when he must, he unleashes wisdom with his words. He is close to his family and friends, which he loves. At times he appears cold and independent but that is simply one part of his nature. Deep inside, he is a loyal lover.


The Scorpio woman is extremely restrained when it comes to her emotions. She is a magnetic personality with a magical attracting aura. An unusually independent creature, she has a thirst for success and prosperity.

The female Scorpio feels that she needs someone who is stronger than she is, to make her happy. Her lover must be prepared to handle the intense gaze from her beautiful eyes.

The female Scorpio and male Capricorn understand each other even better than what others think. She probably knows him better than he realizes. The Capricorn may look cold and be incredibly stubborn, but this is just on the surface. The Scorpio woman knows that there is pain deep inside and it hurts just as much as anyone else.


He needs to be loved. To overcome his nature, she needs to persistently increase her intensity and make him open his fists, with which he shields and hides his sensitive soul. The harmony and smoothness in their relationship will only be retained with the constant soothing influence of the female Scorpio toward the Capricorn man.

Similarly, it is not so easy to win the heart of the Scorpio woman but the Capricorn's shining smile and sparkling eyes have the tendency to do it every time. The Capricorn man loves being by himself, but if he is truly in love with the Scorpio woman, he must make compromises in this regard.

On the other hand, he tends to give freedom to his partner to the point he feels she deserves. Their mutual stubbornness may lead to clashes, but as a whole they have a need of them, in order to comprehend the value of their relationship and realize how much they need each other.

Whenever they follow the road of majestic love, the Scorpio woman and Capricorn man realize the magic and miracle of unity!