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Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

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The Sagittarius woman bears a mysterious romance, which captivates men easily. At the same time, she is quite direct and pleasant in conversation. There is something peculiar about the way she looks - no matter how old she is and how she looks, there is something left over of a young girl in her gaze.

She is honest and amorous, but you would be making a big mistake if you hurt her, for she will find a way to get back at you. If you think that she is one of those people that forgets - you have the wrong person. She is erratic and the idea of someone setting boundaries for her or stereotyping her does not seem fair and acceptable to her.


The Scorpio man is exceptionally furtive and whenever he is on a date, this quality of his escalates. He acts moderately and appears distant in the beginning. He is fascinating and good company - he presents himself as a kind and self-contained person.

Normally after a few dates with a man of this zodiac sign, you realize that he is very different from the first impression you have made. He has a desire to control everything and everyone and show them the right way. He is forthright, with a strongly expressed individuality.

The relationship between these 2 signs will be highly interesting but most likely short. The Sagittarius woman feels no need to hide - she presents herself right on the first date and is even convinced that this is perfectly normal. The Scorpio man closes himself off and it takes him a great period of time to come out in the open.


In other words, while she reveals herself and is captivated by his strange secrecy, he distances himself even further. After a certain period of time, Scorpio decides that this woman is ready to see him as he truly is and reveals his true self - he substitutes the secrecy with the real persona hidden within.

Unfortunately, it is usually too late at that point - the female Sagittarius has seen that the unusual secrecy is a part of him and doesn't believe that he would be suitable for her.

If he manages to overcome himself and show her romantic nature how sweet and sensitive he can be if he wishes to, their relationship can be successful. In the sexual aspect, they have an understanding - they have interesting ideas, which both of them like.