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Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Whenever a Cancer and Sagittarius begin a relationship, it is quite a bewildering combination. Even so, it has potential, if they are prepared to accept each other as they are.

The Sagittarius man is never alone. He is always surrounded by crowds of people, mainly of the female sex. His enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious. He is highly optimistic and trusts everyone.

However, this causes him much pain and disappointment due to the actions of others. Being with him will bring fun and adventures to the Cancer woman, but at the same time his tactless bluntness may hurt her.


The Cancer woman possesses a caring nature and makes everyone feel loved and needed. She is independent when it comes to mental and financial capacities.

Her family and loved ones are always a priority in life. The female Cancer is a lady who can balance the perfect home with a high-ranking career position.

In a love relationship with the male Sagittarius, she gives him all of her respect and even the excellence he deserves or requires. At times however, her sense of ownership may be worrisome for the man by her, making him feel awkward.


For the Cancer woman, being with a Sagittarius man is like taking a ride in a roller coaster at an amusement park, filled with enthusiasm. She always gives him good advice, which slowly and unobtrusively lead him to success.

The enthusiasm and free thinking of Sagittarius at times lead him to say more than is appropriate. At that point, the exceptionally sensitive female Cancer may incorrectly interpret the situation and sense an insecure trembling in her soul.

At the same time however, the male Sagittarius senses her possessiveness and allows her to let it out, to make her feel at peace.

Whenever the love of the fiery Sagittarius comes into contact with the water sign of the Cancer woman, the long-term plans become based on the innocent purity and smoothness in their relations.

Whenever their loyalty and devotion are returned unconditionally, their love transforms into an unbelievable unity. He becomes ever more stable and hopeful, and she - more open and certain with each passing day.

Devotion and respect, as well as all the virtues of love come together in this couple, revealing their souls to each other.