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Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

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Love compatibility

The love between the female Sagittarius and male Capricorn is quite strong. Both partners are able to transform into one whole hours after they have met.

In their connection, the Sagittarius woman will take care of the optimism, enthusiasm and happiness for both, while the Capricorn man will dedicate himself to the career and financial stability of the couple.


The Capricorn man is solid and ambitious, he will care for the female Sagittarius but will expect loyalty and a stable relationship from her.

The love between these 2 zodiac sign representatives is difficult, even though it is strong, because one is ruled by Fire and the other - by Earth. They have a completely different rhythm of life.

The deep pessimism of the Capricorn will be overcome with the aid of the optimism of the Sagittarius woman. Both partners will respect each other's personal space and will have tremendous mutual trust.


The Sagittarius woman seeks emotional stability in a man, such as the Capricorn would be able to provide. To some women, the Capricorn is way too cold and distant from them, but the female Sagittarius will put a greater value on his tact, demeanor, his desire to be the best.

The Capricorn man will be fascinated by the cheerful and honest female Sagittarius. In order for their love to last, they must learn to make compromises and quickly forgive the other's mistakes.

The Sagittarius woman will inspire the Capricorn man to all kinds of exploits and to move up the corporate ladder. Unfortunately however, the Sagittarius woman may embark on new adventures and since she is exceedingly honest, she will admit this to the Capricorn even before she is sure that her adventure is turning into a relationship.

If the Capricorn forgives her, their love will continue, but if the Sagittarius woman has not fought long and hard to be forgiven for her cheating, she will no longer respect him.

If even for a moment she feels that the Capricorn would bend knee to her every wish, no matter how stupid it may be, and if he forgives her every time she cheats, the female Sagittarius will allow herself liberties just to humiliate him. This will put an end to their relationship.