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Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

The love between 2 people is the most delicate and brief event... but it can also be long-lasting and fulfilling. Everything depends on the participants in the connection.

Sometimes the thought of compromise makes you so afraid that you may even decide not to do it. The fear that you may lose yourself in all these compromises and that you may change.


To become someone that you are not. No one can promise that this won't happen but you can count on the person by your side. They would notice the substantial change right away and respond since they love you.

In a delicate and young relationship, one of the pair always makes more compromises and one always loves more - there is nothing bad or strange about this. A connection between the Sagittarius woman and Cancer man will be one filled with compromises.

The exemplary conduct of the Cancer man and his ability to woo the woman by him, even after he has already won her over, leads the Sagittarius woman to be highly attracted. It is perfectly likely for this attraction to continue on for quite a long time and grow into warm and wonderful relations.


Besides being charming and sweet, he is very naive at times, which will likely agitate the Sagittarius woman but she will come to realize that no one is perfect. That which he will be lacking in their relationship has to do with her desire of wanting everything to happen when she wills it.

The Cancer is exactly as diplomatic and patient as the female Sagittarius is impatient. But of course we have all heard that our friends determine who we are.

And in this relationship, it is the woman who will take the bigger step and change. To some extent, she will be burdened by the fact that she is the one who has made a great compromise.

A problem might also come forth between them, dealing with money spending - they hardly understand each other on this matter, but if they remain together, things might work out.

Sexually, they have the same desires, but they also have many differences in that which they like and love. A difficult relationship, but it is possible if they both want it bad enough. As a family they won't have any disputes, but they will sense that something is missing.