Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility
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Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility


The relationship between two representatives of the zodiac sign of Cancer foretells of a long process of familiarization and a long-lasting connection. That, which binds them most closely is home and family. For both, the comfort of family is above all - above work, above friends, above everything.

They greatly depend on their loved ones and are ready to do everything in their power to make them satisfied and happy. Their mutual love of family will bring them together and give them support - they understand each other, and understanding in a relationship is among the most valuable things.

However, both keep their friends close - as in, allow them to get close. This is not exactly a positive quality - since Cancer is trustful by nature, oftentimes he may call someone a friend, who doesn't deserve it. After he lets him get close to him, this brings various problems but because of the confidence in the friendship, Cancer does not see that the reason is that he is overly trusting.

This is a hurdle in the relationship between the two - they will both think that someone from the other's group of friends is tricking them but because of their discretion, they will not voice this opinion. Every little problem that is kept quiet today may turn into a real storm tomorrow.

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They also fit well together when it comes to senses - they understand the other's wishes just by their look. That which will surely bring numerous problems is the desire to not face the problems. Both are not particularly direct, which will surely lead to scandals, especially in personal relationships. If they share more often and directly, they will have a deep emotional connection.

They are not notably active sexually, but even that which happens in their most intimate moments is enough for them and they feel satisfied and happy. Both representatives of Cancer are extremely sensitive, with a deep spirituality and are introverted at times.

The Cancer man usually has a sense of romance and can surprise his partner. It is good for those surprises to be a bit more moderate, so as not to stress out his partner.