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Aquarius Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility


The connection between Leo and Aquarius is one where the phrase "opposites attract" rings true. Since they are opposing signs, they can easily charm each other, and just as easily end up completely disappointed for having been together. Leo is inwardly focused and shows up to take in all the applause from others, while Aquarius is more concerned with the group and its interests.

A male Leo is a symbol of power and endurance. He is generous, with a delightful demeanor and can feel truly attached. He gives his time, money and attention to loved ones. This man is always alert, wary and ready to lead any initiative and easily make a decision.

Leo cannot be meek or passive in any way, and even though he is not inherently fierce, he never takes a step back along his path or gives way in an argument and always aims for victory. He does not waste his time by playing around or postponing courtship and heads in with a high enthusiasm if he feels attracted by someone. He always displays his love toward his partner and never acts cold or distant.

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The Aquarius woman speaks softly, smoothly and humbly and may appear slightly apprehensive but is always kind and polite. She is a bit more carefree by nature and is a person of the highest state of dreaminess. She doesn't pay attention to anything specific, mundane or boring and wants calm and quite often - privacy. Her quiet and peaceful nature makes her appear incredibly tranquil but also susceptible to manipulation.

Despite this, she is prone to destroy this image in an instant and let the tears flow, after being possessed by uncontrollable emotions brought on unexpectedly by the smallest reason or an incidentally spoken word. It may seem that she doesn't really listen to the opinion of the man by her side but if he encourages and supports her, the Aquarius woman will show him her thanks. As such, she is the perfect partner and a best friend.

It's as if there is a hidden language and inviting appeal in the calm and cool presence of the Aquarius female, which attracts the warm temperament of the Leo male. He is in need of an abundance of love, warmth and compassion, even if he realizes that she doesn't seem too interested and is reserved. Due to the differences in their characters, huge arguments may occur between a Leo man and Aquarius woman but these will end more easily than most discords in other couples.

She can easily make friends with people from both sexes but must be careful not to bring about the jealousy of her Leo partner. He cannot imagine being placed second and truly has a constant need of love and if he doesn't get it he may feel awfully depressed and unfortunate. The Leo refuses to confess his needs to his beloved Aquarius; she continues to act as she wants, regardless of him portraying his irritation. That is why they need more patience and tolerance toward each other, so that their relationship can continue to exist.


The Leo man's robust personality impresses the Aquarius woman to her core. Anyone can end up distraught or perplexed by her strange behavior, but he is a patient person who often pretends not to notice her eccentric actions. He never misses a beat and can never be caught unprepared. The Leo foresees everything and her behavior is no exception, or at least that's what he likes to think.

He knows everything that is measurable in reality and related to logic and if there is something that is still unclear to him, he eagerly looks for all possible answers and leads discussions in order to understand all the facts that interest him. The relationship between these two signs is always nonstandard and original. They love to go on faraway travels and take up various projects to complete together.

The precious gift of unconditional love may also arise in a relationship between a Leo man and Aquarius woman. With time, he overcomes his uncertainty pertaining to her and begins to better see her needs, letting her feel free, while she begins to understand what her beloved wants and becomes ever more expressive and sweet in displaying her love, and begins to spend more time with him. They are not only physically attracted to each other but also mutually admire the other person's individuality and respect their distinctive character traits.


Both feel completely happy in the each person's presence. He always knows how to bring in more warmth and coziness to their life, while she is able to make everything more interesting and add an adventurous spin. Whether they are lying on a green plain or are on vacation in the mountain, or at the beach, they may often have romantic experiences and exciting plans, with which to keep the flame of passion burning strongly.

The male Leo and female Aquarius can solve almost every argument by reconciling through sex. They have an extraordinarily powerful physical connection, that is a combination of psychological, emotional and physical passion. Their love has an old-fashioned romantic style, where the fusion of body and soul is the perfect way of expressing their mutual feelings.

Even though the Aquarius woman is sometimes sarcastic and engrossed in her own dreams, she may give herself to the embrace of her favorite Leo, who has bold emotions and an irresistible sexual desire. At such moments, all quarrels and differences are melted away in passion and giving. The Aquarius woman becomes more loving when she is led by the behavior of her partner and can show the unrestrained dedication that she is truly capable of. Every time they are alone, their yearning for each other is kindled once more.

The conflicting views that the male Leo and female Aquarius always assert with great stubbornness can end up being a huge problem for the stability of their relationship. And since they both demonstrate stubbornness, this may increase the tension between them in the future.

She may easily become irritated by his arrogance and he tends to sulk like a child when he doesn't get the attention that he deserves, according to his "humble" opinion. If they both put in effort for a little peace and not be so aggressive toward each other, they can hope for a future together.

Furthermore, they need to believe that they can learn a great deal from the experience of the other person. The Leo man can teach the Aquarius woman self-control, and she in turn can show him that he shouldn't be so proud and be in the center of all the action because this puts him under constant pressure.