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Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

The relationship between an Aquarius man and Leo woman is entirely based on the law of opposites attracting. They are such good friends that the most natural thing is for them to become lovers. This is the sequence in your relationship - first, you are very good friends, and then become the participants in a passionate relationship. It is also entirely conceivable to fall in love at first sight.

Between you, there is nothing in common, you are completely different personalities, but the attraction in your relationship is totally all-consuming. In bed, you are passionate and insatiable.

The love between you is very beautiful, but disruptions in the relationship are not excluded. Over time, the magnetic attraction that you have can decrease and even vanish.

It is important for the Leo woman to tie down her Aquarius man, yet not take away his freedom, which is very precious to him. Leo ladies should learn to give him his space and not make him feel pressured and stuck in this regard.

An Aquarius man must provide the warmth and comfort of the family home. These are important to her and he must keep this in mind. He should uplift her confidence with constant compliments. After all, she should be given the necessary respect and attention.

Both are prone to criticism, but must learn to avoid friction and problems. The critical side must be moderate and reasonable. Their efforts should be aimed at mutual understanding, to make this union more lasting.

He is eccentric, and she has a solid position on the way things should be. These two features are evidence that this relationship will never have peace.

If a Leo woman and an Aquarius man want their relationship to be serious and to continue into the future, they must make many compromises. They are way too different, which can be fatal for them. At the beginning, their mutual sexual attraction ignores everything else but with the cooling of their sexual passions, the differences between the characters become evident.