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Aquarius Woman and Aries Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

Since the elements of fire and air react and interact with each other - the fire is kindled by the air, and the air feels its essence being manifested after coming into contact with the fire, the representatives of Aquarius and Aries spontaneously attract each other and are intrigued by the personality of the other.

The Aquarius woman often appears cold and distant when it comes to displaying her feelings but is fully selfless when she loves someone, which the Aries pays particular notice to and admires. He, in turn, can fill her emotional gap and eradicate her indifference with his passionate devotion and impulsiveness.

An Aries has and demonstrates unending enthusiasm, which never dissipates quickly and is reborn from the smallest bit of inspiration again and again. He is strong and brave, always ready to make the first step, without there being any noticeable hint of fear - something very characteristic of his nature. When it comes to love, the Aries man can act quite natural and free, as well as to fall in love almost instantly, especially with an Aquarius woman, but at the same time waits for some type of sign and a direct "yes" from his chosen one.


The Aquarius woman is rather mysterious and often labeled as absent-minded. She loves to forget herself in her own imaginary world. Her instinct and extraordinary inborn sagacity are compelling and help her and her partner in reaching new heights and successes in their careers. She has the ability to make friends quickly, and when in contact with a male Aries, this happens practically instantly and effortlessly, but it takes her a bit more time to provide an answer to his feelings or to find out what she herself senses. If she is in love she gives her love generously to the Aries man and is always a wonderful, witty, accommodating and stimulating partner in all areas of life.

The friendly, serene and cheerful manner of the Aquarius woman makes it easier for the Aries man to find courage and approach her, as well as to dream of building a serious relationship, without hesitating about what might happen if she were unapproachable. As a whole, she is tolerant, original and ingenious.

These qualities of hers make her one of the most perfect and longed for choices of an Aries man, who hates regularity, stagnancy and passiveness in human behavior. Their friendship helps both the male Aries and female Aquarius speak more freely, openly and easily about their feelings and past experiences; what's more is that both love to talk and share.


The problem between them usually comes when the Aquarius woman thinks of herself as mature enough and wiser, while at the same time thinking that her Aries partner needs to grow up further and change. He, on the other hand, might find her distant, cold and overweening at times because she doesn't always give a clear expression of her love.

The gentle inspiration radiating from this fascinating woman, along with her boundless love, always pull the male Aries back to her. He realizes that no other woman can be this smart, while at the same time easily approachable, direct, and also the exact opposite - as if standing on an invisible pedestal.

An Aries man can make an Aquarius woman feel special, flattered about her femininity and like a true lady. She doesn't usually have such a high opinion of herself or simply does not pay heed to the hollow attempts that others make. He has no second thoughts or restraint when spending money on her and wants his beloved to always be in her best state and frame of mind. An Aries will always encourage an Aquarius woman and ensure her comfort, security, but also real excitement in life.

From time to time, the tendency towards despotism in the male Aries may portray a sense of ownership, which would harm the individualistic and freedom-loving nature of the gentle representative of Aquarius, but thereafter he will always be ready to apologize and fix the situation. Both may take on various projects, thought to be impossible, to stand by a lost cause and to take a risk, which brings them great excitement and success, especially since they are ready to aid each other and work together.

The most beautiful side of their love is that they can accept the differences of the other, with their relationship having every chance of happiness and harmony. Once the Aquarius woman and Aries man are ready to make a compromise, the problems which arise in their relations are solved after long talks.


In order to get close again after a discord or conflict, they must immediately restore their emotional and physical intimacy. The days they spend together are loaded with enthusiasm and are highly inspirational, since both enjoy the passion and innovation in life.

The most complex aspect of this relationship is the physical one. After the female Aquarius becomes convinced in her mind to devote herself to the Aries male, a foundation for a very good sexual compatibility between the two is laid out. At any rate, they will have to put in effort for the development of long-lasting physical intimacy. There are moments when she is amazed by the vigorous passion demonstrated by the male Aries during sex.

One of the simplest techniques to arouse the interest of an Aquarius woman is for the man to have a different approach every time they make love, in order for the element of surprise to always exist in their physical relationship. She must understand that the Aries man can easily be hurt, especially if his beloved shows signs of alienation, but in order to safeguard his ego, he would never show his discontent in front of her. The Aquarius woman must answer his sexual proposals with nothing other than sincere and all-encompassing enthusiasm and to always welcome his hugs with unquestionable happiness and expectation.

Both Aquarius and Aries happen to be highly impulsive. They are not captivated by anything for long and continue on to the next new thing that has come to dominate their mind. Since she spends most of her time in the world of dreams, the Aries man may feel ignored and unnoticed.

At the same time, his resulting jealousy and dominating attitude make her believe that she is in an emotional trap, which alarms her and wipes the smile off her face. Only through regular physical communication, mental and emotional understanding, can the relationship between these two zodiac signs truly survive.