Aries Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility
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Aries Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility


Aries Woman

The Aries woman as a zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mars, whose symbolic meaning is war. And so, you may be able to imagine the characteristics of this compelling leader. She is brave, confident, independent and ready to face any kind of problems and challenges that get in the way of her success.

She is always in an adventurous mood - in the search for something new and unique in life and wants to prove to the world that she can achieve anything she wants.

The Aries woman is an excellent motivator and leader as well. She inspires all her friends to aim for the achievement of their personal goals. Without a doubt - she displays a sense of ownership toward them from time to time.

When it comes to love relations, the female Aries is a true romantic but at the same time expects freedom and the establishment of boundaries of her personal space relative to that of her partner.

As long as she feels that she's getting that which she needs, the Aries woman is the best and most loyal partner.

Leo Man

The Leo man can be described with just three words: caution, admiration and flattery. If you have come upon a male Leo, you can easily recognize him by his charm and sensitivity. Usually he stands at the center of attention among his group of friends.

At the workplace, a person such as he is highly diplomatic and competent. At any given moment he is ready to take on any challenge. Leo prefers to give orders, therefore he is always trying to be in a leadership position.

He also has a profoundly romantic heart and inputs strong passion in the relationship. Leo cannot remain unnoticed for long, without being drawn in passionate feelings and a special connection.

Compatibility between Aries woman and Leo man

Focusing on the compatibility between the Aries woman and Leo man, it can be stated that they appear as the perfect couple.

Both signs have many common traits. If we were to count the most obvious signs of compatibility between couples, then the Aries woman and Leo man are one of the best partnerships. They share the same passion and desires in life.


We can state that the female Aries cannot get a better partner that would fully understand her. The same is true for the male Leo. He would spare no expense in making a dazzling impression in the Aries woman.

Simply stated, the relations between the Aries woman and Leo man will be fun, warm, exciting and wonderful.

They possess practical virtues and an eye for detail in every undertaking.

The female Aries and male Leo require independence and freedom, clearly tangible in their relations. If one of them tries to dominate over the other, expect furious sparks to begin burning down their relationship.

The Aries woman always tries to play a leading role in every act of life, while the Leo man prefers to appear at the end of the play and take in the applause for his performance.

This is the only point of conflict, which may create tension and clashes between them - the distribution of fame and fortune.

Despite everything, when such problems arise between these two signs, they are always solved at the end. If the Aries woman shows better understanding, self-control and respect toward the Leo man, their relations will have a bright future, expressed in a powerful attraction on a spiritual and physical level.