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Pisces Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

Pisces are quite compliant, trusting and sometimes even naive. In some relationships, these qualities are not always bad but when faced with a man representing the Leo zodiac sign, the Pisces woman must be a little more careful.

Leo men are quite dominant and love for things to happen their way, can sometimes even be called know-it-alls. And if they have decided that something must go their way, sooner or later it will happen. That's why it's good for a female Pisces not to be so compliant in such a relationship or at least for this compliance to be more illusion than reality.

In order for such a relationship to be lasting, the woman must be very patient and always put love at the very top. Sometimes she will want to react in a completely different way, but it's in her best interests to learn to give way, whenever it's not a big deal. For the Leo man, victory is the most important thing and almost always that which he says and does is the best and he is convinced that he is absolutely right.


Every woman has her own tricks for guiding her partner without humiliating him or showing him that he's being manipulated. It is exactly these qualities that the Pisces woman must depend on. If you argue directly with him - your chances for success are minimal. It is actually more likely for it to never be recognized.


And even though they are dominant, Leo men love deeply - they aren't always able to show it but are truly loving and caring. They have a truly rich soul but only show that part of it to the world that would make others respect and admire them, everything else remains hidden. They can take care of a family - they know what responsibility is.

As a whole, the relations between a female Pisces and male Leo are delicate. The slippery Pisces creates the impression of a woman that is submissive to her man but in reality, you should never believe this. She may make compromises for the greater good but not for her own comfort.

This couple matches well in a very strange way and by supposedly tricking each other, they may build a stable family. They may set their sights in different directions, but once they are together they have one common goal. Both signs love to be spoiled with expensive gifts, they know what luxury is and seek it in everything.

To others, their relationship may seem like little more than liking but this worries neither the Leo nor the Pisces. That which they bear within and the love that they feel is theirs alone and they are convinced that this is a deep personal experience and do not particularly care how they look in the eyes of outsiders. Sexually, they match well, but the Leo should never take the Pisces woman for granted because this may seriously mess up his plans.