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Virgo Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility

Love compatibility

Do not ask yourself the question, "Should I? ", because this drastically decreases your chances of a successful connection. If you feel attracted to someone and know that they have feelings toward you, do not stop yourself just because you are different. Sometimes the greatest differences fit best together for one's entire life.

No matter how different you are from someone, if you like them and feel attraction, try to get close to them - who knows, this may be your chance. Sometimes there is a feeling that pulls you toward someone and gives you no peace.


This applies perfectly to the Virgo woman and Leo man. A very strange combination, that portends furious storms, but there is something in both of them that attracts the other. It is rare for this attraction to be anything more than passion or a momentary spark but there is nothing impossible when it comes to these things.

Quite different in nature - Leo men are authoritative and even sometimes strict.


You may know that they love being the center of attention and shining with all of their lion's beauty. Virgo women are typical representatives of the female sex - they are delicate, seemingly vulnerable at first glance, sensitive, loving, caring. Generally, they are good and delicate but only if no one messes with them.

They can quickly transform and show you that everything has its limits. And that is exactly why the pairing with a Leo man would be an interesting combination - he loves to give advice, even when no one has asked for it. He may even tell you the steps you must take, which is not something the female Virgo would appreciate, because even though she is gentle and vulnerable, she has a strongly expressed individuality.

Aside from this, the Leo is slower in everything, more monotonous, while the Virgo woman loves and constantly seeks that which is dynamic. You must have a very substantial emotional connection in order to get past these hurdles. If you like, you can give it a go, but if you break up, a friendship would hardly be possible.