Reading a Person’s Character by their Hands
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Reading a Person’s Character by their Hands

Jana G.Jana G.

A person who often keeps their palms facing down has a dark side to their character. It is quite possible that he is a big liar and often distorts the truth.

If a person slightly folds their fingers and walks with an unnatural pose of their hands hanging down, is too pedantic, but very reliable. This is someone who you can trust.

Someone who almost completely reveals their palms constantly, and has their hands moving back and forth, is trusting, but very slow in their thought processes.

Tightly bound fists and hands, that have been stuck to the side of the body, show that their owner likes to agitate others and is very picky.

character according to your Hands

A person with relaxed hands that sway back and forth while they walk, has a strong character, but is in great need of support because their emotions must be controlled by someone.

One who waves their hands in the air as if they were wings, while at the same time trying not to touch anything, suffers from paranoia. He always suspects that all others are conspiring against him.

When someone is constantly rotating an object in their hands, they are most likely very excited about something. The more inadequate and abrupt the movements are, the more anxious the person really is.

When the hands are clasped in front, they reveal a calm person with a peaceful temperament. Such a person will never give you problems because they avoid controversy at all costs.

When you see someone who rubs their hands together as if washing them, it means that you can never count on them.

One who constantly keeps their hands behind their back and squeezes them all the time, is very cautious and indecisive. If you want to make a deal with them, it will take forever.