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Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility


The combination of the zodiac signs of Taurus and Pisces is one of the most gracious ones. Even though their representatives have their fair share of differences in the way they express their love, they are also serious and reliable partners and insist on long-lasting relationships. Pisces and Taurus mutually complement each other and can share an incredibly strong connection, based on mutual respect and understanding.

The Taurus man is a quiet and honest person, who often shows his will with an act of dominance and a stubbornness that can overshadow the phrase "stubborn as a mule".

He is more of a sober realist, not an optimist, but his views are sometimes inspired by idealization and adventurism. Working industriously and achieving his personal goals, this may look like careerism to those who don't know him but they do not understand the amount of importance he places on his professional expression.


Hectic and immersed in his own tempo, he is not kind toward those who doubt his methods. In a love relationship, Taurus is quite defensive, with a strong possessive feeling, but also a very caring partner that has a refined sense of romance, that he sometimes demonstrates out in the open without any worries.

Elegantly feminine, romantic, comely and ingratiatingly calm, the woman born under the zodiac sign of Pisces can inspire anyone and become loved at first sight. She looks innocent, without appearing to have any real sense about the world or others, but this is just an illusion because she prefers to be more radiant, friendly and even slightly infantile. The Pisces woman sees only the positive in her surroundings and tries to safely distance herself from situations that may cause drama in her life.

Her indecisions however, lead to many missed opportunities and a stagnation in her everyday life. Well-adapted in the area of romance, she is capable of the most delicate and exciting acts, and when she is in a relationship, she acts with much respect toward and speaks of her partner in a beautiful and courtly manner.

A Pisces woman can fall prey to a Taurus man from the very first moment they meet, since he is a strong partner who can take good care of her and watch over her delicate nature. Both gift the other with comfort and coziness, which they have always desired. Once the world becomes highly unpredictable and no longer intrigues him, or doesn't fit into her fantasies and ideals, they can retreat to their own little world where reality is tempered and illuminated by the brilliance of love.


Both the female Pisces and male Taurus are unanimous in their acceptance of traditional roles. She is kind and often has a timid character, so she is more than happy to allow him to take charge. She responds strongly to his manly conduct and admires the Taurus for having it. A neat and organized home is of great significance to make him feel comfortable. It is no wonder that the phrase "a man's home is his castle" applies to him, for he is the happiest whenever it is organized in good taste but can sometimes be disappointed in the lack of motivation and will to clean in the Pisces woman.

The Taurus man and Pisces woman can have a perfect union because both need the reliability brought on by a serious and long-lasting relationship. He is responsible and requires respect and admiration of his qualities, which poses no problem for her, but rather - a pleasure. To be adored makes him even happier and his response is to show even greater care for her. The male Taurus is always dedicated to the love of his life and will not relax until he is sure that he will keep her forever.

Both prefer to stay at home often, which means that they will have plenty of time to enjoy each other's company. A problem might arise between them when he becomes preoccupied in his work, ignoring the feelings of his partner. It is then that he might become a little rough and reckless. Despite this, they might be able to smooth out their discrepancies by understanding the nature of the other person.

Love connection

Whenever a Pisces woman emanates her unique charisma and approaches her partner with her calming, light mood and delicate sweetness, the Taurus man can forget all about his stubbornness instantly and be transformed into an honorable knight with a golden heart. He has no compunction about announcing to the world what an incredible woman he has won but also keeps her patronizingly far from the troubles of the world, protecting her warmly in his embrace.

The male Taurus cares for her with all his heart in response to her love. Their winters are warmer with sparkling stars and vital snowflakes, while their summer of happiest moments is sunny, with flying red butterflies of love and filled with the freshness of the morning dew.

The sexual chemistry between the Pisces woman and Taurus man is distinguished by the indescribable beauty of true love and the dedication they both show. She spends so much of her time dreaming and fantasizing that she often misses out on things that are happening around her. Sex with the male Taurus rapidly snaps her back to reality, and to her surprise, the here and now turns out to be more wonderful than the ideal she had imagined.

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He, on the other hand, spends too much time in the raw, boring and gray reality and whenever he looks into the dreamy eyes of his favorite Pisces, she suddenly draws him into a world that is beyond everything that he has ever hoped for, a world of sophisticated verbal and physical romance. Even though he is not the best at showcasing his feelings using words, he can demonstrate his attachment by making passionate love that makes the Pisces feel honored and secure.

Problems may arise between the relations of the male Taurus and female Pisces whenever the couple is forced to go outside of their cozy, protected little world that they created and face the challenges of the merciless, cold and practical reality. They both have contradictory ways of looking at the world and the facts, which forms their differences.

He often prefers to keep quiet instead of speaking if he is unsure of something, while she relies entirely on her moods of the moment and impressions. She is not capable of seeing anything in black and white, instead, life is colored with an entire rainbow of changing colors.

Therefore, it is very difficult for a Taurus man to handle such strangeness in the Pisces woman. If he learns to accept that she cannot see the world outlined in greater detail and more realistically, and tries not to be so rough and stubborn, a powerful and long-lasting connection may be formed between them.