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Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility


The attraction between Cancer and Scorpio is expressed in a magnetic and soulful feeling, and their relationship has the potential to withstand the test of time.

The warmth and caring nature of a Cancer woman are able to inspire the Scorpio and energize him. Both have similar ways of expressing their love for each other and create a sense of comfort and understanding.

A Scorpio man has an unbeatable and strong character. He is an extremist with a seemingly calm and stable outer shell, beneath which hides smoldering passion.

Beneath the bewildering tone and soft voice of a Scorpio man, we can see the subtle diplomatic strategies designed for improving his situation at work and his personal life.

He is a person who loves luxury and wants to share it with others, considering it to be naturally needed.

A Scorpio man may fall into depression, but can just as easily reach the intoxicating heights of ecstasy.

In a love connection with a Cancer woman, he is a passionate lover who knows all the fine techniques in the field of romance and erotica. Though gentle and loving, he is very jealous and suspicious by nature. If you only look upon his outer appearance and meet his gaze, the Scorpio man may seem perfectly calm and collected, but this is just a clever disguise of an unsettling and highly emotional nature.

A Cancer woman is enigmatic and feminine. She is a gentle and kind lady with delicate feelings and has the aura of a vulnerable person. She can be extremely loyal and true, if convinced that she has found the man of her life.

Although she may not seem very strong, or act that way, she is almost always a stable support for her loved ones, who draw from her strength and composure. She can handle emergencies without a problem.

Patience, adaptability and flexibility are her biggest advantages when trapped in a complicated situation. To be the woman of a Scorpio man’s heart, she must stimulate his imagination and cause his emotions to express themselves clearly.

Cancer woman is always interesting to a Scorpio man. She is woven in cleverly guarded female mysteries, which a curious person like him would always want to unravel and figure out, but carefully and delicately.

Her mysterious ways will definitely make him notice her at first, but soon she might reveal her great sense of humor, that might make even a serious man like him smile.

A Cancer woman brings brilliance and joy in the life of a Scorpio man and is one whom he can rely on when in need of a friend and loyal trustee. She has great insight and can figure out what is happening deep in his soul, knowing what he is experiencing, even when wearing an impenetrable mask. Loyalty is her greatest quality and that makes him comfortable when he is with a woman like her.

A Scorpio man is one who can easily win a Cancer woman's heart. He appreciates and understands her emotional side and that understanding becomes a romantic endeavor.

A Scorpio man can comfort her hurt feelings with great and sincere compassion. He gives her the protection and care that she really craves with a yearning, that makes her feel complete and confident.

He can treat her as a brother, but also respect her as a lady. She must understand that his great flaw is suspicion, jealousy and the desire to dominate others, especially the woman he has chosen as the greatest love of his life.

To overcome these traits, which cast a shadow over his great heart, she just has to be a little more patient. Over time, he boosts his confidence and trust and begins to give much greater privacy to his partner to ensure the reliability of their relationship.

A Cancer woman and Scorpio man make one of the best couples together, characterized by the compatibility of their characters and warm reciprocity.

Their emotional and physical world of communication is full and rich. As their love grows and possibly develops into a full and comprehensive communication, they must exhibit mutual trust.

When the Scorpio man is convinced he can count on the Cancer woman, he gives her the gift of forgiveness, which is usually something very difficult for him.

She may help him be reborn and reveal his true nature, charm and magnetism, exert his unlimited devotion and tenderness, and he can help her by removing all her fears and teaching her to fly high in the firmament of her feelings without fear.

Their home is the temple of love, where they are both standing on a pedestal to worship each other and show their love.

In their sex life, they are an amazing couple. Water, the symbol of both signs, combines so well that it turns them into lovers who know what they want and understand what each one of them needs.

The nature of a Scorpio is more intense and yearning for a stronger passion than most men, and hers is a more romantic and sensitive than in most women.

Both spend a long time looking for signs showing that this is a promising and serious relationship.

A Cancer woman's heart is always looking for peace and comfort, while the Scorpio man needs loyalty that he can get plenty of from her. She must always prove to him that she feels happy in his arms and must show how much she loves him more often. Since these two signs have left no unspoken needs between them, sexual intercourse can really become a transcendental experience that provides a strange mix of erotic and spiritual purity.



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cancer girl
cancer girl
09.08.2013 20:41
I think when considering compatibility, everything should be taken into consideration. Yes, a person's sun sign might reflect a little on a person's overall behaviour, but don't forget that each individual is unique with unique experiences guiding them. So, one should not say a man is abusive because he is a Scorpio or all Scorpio men are abusive because an abuser was a Scorpio. He is an abuser because of what he has learned, been taught, experienced and because of other personality traits. My ex husband was abusive and he was a Libra - does that mean I should avoid all Libra men? No, that means I should avoid that one particular man who is a Libra. Your sign exacerbates or enhances your personality, which is a reflection if your overall character, which is determined by so many other factors in your life. So yes, put some weight in sign compatability, but take it as a GENERAL GUIDE not as a determining attribute of your potential/current relationship. Everyone is unique, no matter what their sign is.
23.05.2013 00:15
I have been with a Scorpio since January and he was wishy washy at first but this is the best relationship I have ever been in. I cannot 100% base this off of the fact that I am a cancer and he is a scorpio. We are very compatiable your sign is just that a birth sign. I was back and forth with a cancer for years it was awful painfull and that match was supposed to be really great. The person behind the sign is what you need to look at. My bf and I had a long distance relationship for a little bit he was very jealous to the point I couldnt talk about work. But since we now live together he has settled down. His x wife was a control freak cheater. That went on for 14 yrs. We are both older (41) and we both finally know what we want and we have found it in each other. I have never been with someone that I miss all the time. He is my soul mate and happens to be a scorpio.
05.04.2013 10:56
Found my soulmate, intense Scorpio man. Initially secretive, guarded, suspicious & pushing me away. Im a sensitive Cancer but Id hold my own, give him space & he'd be looking for me again. Got moody if i went out with friends, told me he liked my independent nature but imagined all sorts if i was out without him. I would always reassure him but accept he may go AWOL for a day or so if i was out with friends . Gradually he learned to trust me, im not looking for another man . Musnt give in to his jealousy but also understand how sensitive these men are, they are just waiting for you to screw them over, need to earn their trust over time.

There is no better friend than him, moral integrity, honest & true. Gives me what i need, not always what i want. Has helped me through bereavement, financial/divorce matters, stayed up all night helping me complete complicated financial/legal forms. I can count on him to be the only person who will give me the whole truth when other friends and family arent brave enough.

Hes the love of my life. Ive never known anyone like him. You have to weather the storms initially, put up with a few tests of your patience, but stick with it, be honest & no games & they will gradually open up. It takes real unconditional love, faith & bucket loads of humility sometimes, which is character building in the long run & brings you close to these complicated men. Ive cried & been exhausted dealing with his withdrawal from me at times, only for him to return with a full explanation of what he had been feeling, we would discuss it & i swear i could explode with love for him when he did that. No man has ever been emotional like that with me before.

Just bend a little, back off when they are in a mood & dont ever lie to them, cos they will be merciless. Dont lose your independence or be too clingy, but let them know they are very important to you, valued. Put your pride to one side but never your self respect.

Ive changed as a person because of him, feel im my true self & happy in my own skin when we are together, no pretence or games.

And as for the physical side.........speechless!!!!!!
15.07.2014 07:51
I'm speechless to what I just read in your post, I've been with a Scorpio man, and I can understand the pushing away and withdrawal but I've always told myself to be patient and give him space...I am so in love with this man I can't even explain my deep feelings for him. Loyalty is a big part of him, no lies or games. He was upfront with me about this from the beginning and he does have the jealousy and suspicion which I don't mind cos when he asks I love telling him and showing him he has absolutely nothing to worry about,being a cancer I would never cheat on this man. There are times that it is very exhausting and I've question whether I should just give up and walk away, thinking he doesn't love me like I love him, but something always makes me change my mind when I talk with him, and the sexual part is .....speechless!!!!
jane smith
jane smith
24.03.2013 21:44
its not true i was currently in a relationship with a scorpio and it has been the worst mistake of my life. i read horoscopes like this saying how compatble we would be before i dated was okay for the first week then he became insanely controlling,jealous,and insecure to the point of physical abuse and the isolation of me from my closest family and friends.I can say that for this cancer scorpio is NOT a good match.he has become incarcerated and i am now getting my life back toether.Just a forewarning to potential scorpio lovers, they are very very insecure,obsessive,jealous,abusive,and controlling.And the worst mistake of my life.