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The spiral of time

Spiral of Time

Ancient scientists have discovered that life develops in a given cycle. Sometimes current events can be described with stunning accuracy by copying stories from the past.

Periodic repetitions, which are inexplicable from the standpoint of ordinary logic, happen with whole civilizations, and the lives of individuals.

One curious example in this respect is the comparison of the history of ancient Rome and Moscow, which in antiquity was known as the Third Rome.

Julius Caesar, as is known, first started to wear the title of emperor. Peter, head of Russia, was also first honored with the title first among the rulers of the state.

Renowned Julian calendar was introduced by Caesar, and he said that new year starts from January. Peter the First was the first Russian head, who commanded the year to begin on that date.

Sinister matches appear in life and death of two American presidents - Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy. The first was elected president in 1860 and the second - exactly a hundred years later.

Both were Democrats, fighting for civil rights, equality of white and black. Both were killed by bullets that penetrated the back of their head.

Ironically, Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's Theater and Kennedy - Lincoln car marks. Both were killed on Friday in front of many people, in front of their wives.

Even more strange is that the secretary of Lincoln was called Kennedy, and tried to convince him not to go to the theater on the fatal day, the secretary of the Kennedy family was Lincoln and convince him not to travel on the day that killed him.

It is believed that there is a cosmic cycle of time, which is called Great Indiction and lasts 532 years. This is part of the spiral of time.

Einstein believed that if something happened, it will happen again. According to Heraclitus, who lived in the fifth century BC, the cycle time of the last ten thousand eight hundred years. And according to the Eastern calendar events are repeated every twelve years.