Your Weekly Horoscope Until April 16

Starting April 10, Mercury enters its retrograde phase, this time in apparent backward motion in the sign of Taurus. Throughout the next few weeks, we have to be careful in our communication and financial operations.

Starting today, the period predisposes us to gossip and drama. Try not to spread rumors and check every bit of information related to your tasks.

The first full moon of April occurs this Tuesday, which is going to shine in the sign of Libra. In the coming days, the Moon forms tense aspects with the Sun and Uranus, which is going to bring about a series of unexpected events and meetings.

Aries - Focus on your budget

Throughout the new week you're going to have to pay more attention to your personal income. Now is not the time to go on a shopping spree, especially for electronics. You can start working on your old ideas. Now is the time to bring to reality what you've been dreaming of. Toward the end of the week, you're going to have more opportunities for being among those you love. No matter what you start on now, don't expect quick results, but work persistently and consistently.

Taurus - Postpone important projects

In the coming days you're more likely to feel misunderstood. Communication is going to be impaired and causing confusion when talking with others. A great many of your plans may get delayed but this shouldn't make you panic. Instead, use this moment to bridge the tiny gaps you hadn't noticed. Postpone the start of new projects for next month and seek like-minded individuals toward the end of the week to help support you in the realization of your dreams.

Gemini - Focus on your problems

Throughout the new week it's not going to be easy for you to leave your world of fantasy behind, plus the line between reality and imagination is going to be hard to make out. It won't be easy for you to deal with the feeling of dissatisfaction. The time is right for you to find out where you're making mistakes most often and to solve the problem at its root. Toward the end of the week, you'll have more time for passion and romance with your partner but be sure to focus on your problems during the first few days of the week.

Cancer - Old acquaintances may seek you out

Starting today, you're going to begin going back to the past more and seeking comfort in your memories. It's possible that individuals with whom you've broken off all contact long ago will seek you out. Expect empathy from those closest to you, who are going to help you look at your problems more objectively. Be careful when using electronics. Additionally, if you're planning on buying a new phone or computer, it's best to put it off till next month. Toward the end of the week, you can expect interesting proposals for professional growth but if you decide to work, you may bring family problems on yourself.

Leo - Analyze your mistakes

This week you're going to have to conduct a revision of your professional plans and if you put off a thorough analysis, your problems will only worsen. Try to learn from your mistakes, instead of pretending you never made them. During the 1st half of the week, concentrate on smoothing out misunderstandings with those closest to you, while focusing on your professional responsibilities toward week's end. Also be sure to treat new proposals with a dose of skepticism.

Virgo - Review your plans for the future again

Starting this week you're going to have the opportunity to reorganize your plans until the end of the year. Think about the trips you want to take or your relations with those closest, especially if you've been overly harsh with them lately. Take another look at your projects and determine whether you're indeed keeping everything under control. Unexpected sources of income may come to you toward the end of the week that will help stabilize your financial situation. The end of the week brings intense experiences on the love front.

Libra - You'll easily attract the attention of others

You're going to more easily attract the attention of others at the beginning of the new week and you're going to be the center of attention with your behavior. Just be careful not to get caught up in drama and not give in to the rumors that others are spreading. Use the coming days to also review your finances. It's not too late to seek material support from a loved one or start a joint project that will bring you earnings.

Scorpio - Talk openly about your worries

Throughout the new week you're likely to focus more on the words of others. But if you dig and analyze every single word, you're only going to create additional worries for yourself. Your interpersonal relations are going to be put to the test during this period and it's going to take more efforts than usual to reach harmony and understanding. Share your fears openly because you'll only reach solutions through long discussions. You'll more easily discover stability in the personal aspect at the end of the week.

Sagittarius - Significant changes are coming

A period of turbulent changes is in store for you this week. Expect changes in agreements made ahead of time and new circumstances that are going to force you to reorganize your tasks. Be wary of the information and thoroughly check everything you see or hear in the coming days. In the middle of the week, you can count on your friends' support and have trusted people help you with the most important activities. Devote the end of the week to those closest to you.

Capricorn - Clear up misunderstandings

Severe misunderstandings are coming in the personal aspect but instead of fanning the flames of conflict even further, use this period to clear up such from the past. Now is not the time to undervalue the tiny inaccuracies because it is they that will cause you biggest headaches. Analyze every little detail, in order to make sure that you're not making any mistakes. The end of the week will bring you greater optimism and you'll be able to enjoy the holidays.

Aquarius - Be patient with others

Family relations are going to be priority for you throughout the new week. Communication with those close to you isn't going to run as smoothly as before but you can bring a greater degree of order to your joint plans, as long as you show patience. You have to express better understanding toward the behavior of others, instead of being quick to judge them. Pleasant surprises are in store for you at the end of the week, issuing forth primarily from your relatives.

Pisces - Carefully go over your projects

If you're working in the art field, you're going to have to be more careful when carrying out related projects. It's possible for small mistakes to cause you issues. To limit them to a minimum, check everything carefully and read documents several times over before signing them. You have opportunities for increasing your income but you have to act reasonably and not rush.

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