What Does the Horoscope Portend Today - March 24?

The Moon is going to be in Aquarius throughout the entire day. Original and creative, it brings a rather unusual energy. To your surprise, it's going to help you deal with the coming period of transformations and tangled up energy.

Don't rush and don't get angry today. If you manage to keep cool, this is going to have a constructive influence on every aspect of your life. The stars are helping you change anything you don't like.

Today, the Moon also forms a positive aspect with the planet of luck and success, Jupiter, and Mercury, which is going to be active throughout the day. At the same time however, nonharmonious situations will emerge at work or in our personal life. To handle them, you require changes once again. Through Monday, any mix-up needs to be solved via direct communication and mutual decision-making.


Everything's going to run smoothly today. Unique opportunities for achieving your desires and dominating every aspect open up before you. Use the day to meet with friends you haven't seen in a long time. Restore your emotional balance - this will help you achieve success immediately. It's normal to be afraid of the unknown but if you rely on your life's experience, it will bring unexpected benefits. It's going to be an extremely varied day.


Grab the opportunities and change your life. You're peering into the shortcomings of others and this is hurting you. You're finally going to figure out what you want from your personal life, as well as from your partner. Make every decision by yourself. If you're in good relations, you're going to begin realizing your plans, although this isn't going to bring the expected results.


Stop messing around in other people's business and you're going to feel better. Try to help someone close to you solve their problem instead of ignoring them. Your directness and sense of humor are going to lead to misunderstandings. More time and patience are needed. You're going to be busy finishing up a project, which you're not sure how will turn out.


Your ingenious ideas today are going to bring you success. You're going to be clearing up every misunderstanding in love until tonight. You're also going to be discussing your projects with individuals who want to hurt you. If you're at the workplace, present your new ideas and plans to your coworkers. The day is productive and provides significant success and advantages in realizing your goals in various social areas.


Expect a lot of tasks today. Get right into what you need to be doing and ignore any gossip. Nothing's going to go according to plan but even the ugliest situation will, at some point, be resolved and ultimately progress favorably. Every undertaking will bring you success, as long as you've thought it out well and are ready to focus on it. Some of you are going to take a decisive trip.


The stars recommend restraint throughout the whole day. Invitations, proposals and unexpected visits are in store for you. You're going to be facing non-understanding in love until tonight. An unexpected meeting with friends will delight you. The day marks the beginning of positive changes for many born of this sign. They will be felt to their fullest extent in the middle of next month.


The day is perfect for self-assessment. The sudden changes in your mood are ultimately making you irritated. You're going to have to change your plans because you're not going to find the collaboration required to realize them. This shouldn't worry you because the moment just isn't right. You're particularly social and experience a need to share your excitement with others. It's exceptionally easy for you to convince others that you're right.


Invest all of your efforts into avoiding the obstacles instead of struggling against them. Help will come right on time. Nothing's going to be going right until lunchtime. To get moving, you're going to have to serve others' interests. This Friday is a wonderful day for joy and expression - a day made for you. You're definitely not going to be bored because you'll be doing all sorts of constructive things.


Relax and at least for a moment leave things to work themselves out, rather than butting in. You feel the desire to fervently defend your position. You're capable of convincing others in what you believe. Today you're going to have to apologize and explain yourself. The stars recommend acting egotistically and thinking about your own priorities and benefits above all. You'll succeed but only with the aid of new partners and allies.


Today you're entering into one of your strongest periods of the month. Proposals, invitations and unexpected visits are coming your way. Don't make important decisions hastily because you have plenty of time. You feel much more energetic and have the desire to finish a heap of things. Some of you are going to receive a proposal that's going to spark new hope within you. It depends entirely on you whether it will develop in the desired direction.


The time has come for you to show 'em what you got. Bring the best that you have to offer out in the open - it's going to make you shine. Don't start a war of words, keep your tongue behind your teeth. Your ego is a little too much right now. The day brings a transformation of the cosmic energy, a new beginning and new way of thinking.


Help those in need. If you downplay their problems, you risk hurting them for life. The day is putting you in quite an inconvenient position. Guests will drive you to do a little cooking and cleaning. The stars are providing you the opportunity to lay down the cornerstone of your upswing, to open new doors and rediscover entirely new horizons. Circumstances are changing, which requires a change in strategy as well. This is going to bring you a certain amount of worries but you'll quickly overcome them.

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