Numerology Horoscope Until November 20th

To find out what numerology has in store for you this new week, first calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the digits of your date, month and year of birth. Keep adding them until you get a single digit number. Do not add up the numbers 11 or 22 if you get these.

Personal number 1 - Keep loved ones' advice in mind

The new week offers you new opportunities for great changes, so be sure to embrace any challenge that arises with open arms. But in your desire to realize your big dreams, don't overlook those closest to you. Even if some of their comments are negative, they seek only to protect you from failure. So heed their advice.

Personal number 2 - Emotions will guide you this week

Your sense of humor will make you pleasant company for others throughout the week, simply let your emotions guide you. As the week progresses, your anxiety regarding your material insecurity may worsen. If this happens, surround yourself with people who inspire stability and calmness in you.


Personal number 3 - Don't worry if difficulties arise

Don't panic if your plans don't get realized exactly as you had planned. Every single change will be a positive one, even if it doesn't seem so at first. Be as energetic as always at work and don't worry if complications arise because they will show you where your mistake is and protect you from even bigger problems. However, be firm in your principles and do not compromise.

Personal number 4 - Be more sincere

Be more honest with loved ones this week and don't fool yourself into believing that if you spare them certain truths your relations will be more harmonious. An honest position will be more beneficial for your interpersonal balance than concealing your true opinion. There may be stress at work due to the heap of tasks waiting for you but the weekend will compensate for this with a longer break.

Personal number 5 - Be careful when making decisions

The decisions you make this week are going to have a lasting impression on your life; as such you have to be more meticulous. Set aside time to analyze each of the proposals before you choose a specific one. Adventures await you on the love front, for which you'll have to be more impulsive give in to your emotions.


Personal number 6 - Exercise and go out with friends

This week you're going to feel an influx of energy, which you can take advantage of to do more physical activities. Exercise, take walks and get out in nature more during the coming days. Don't turn down invitations for hanging out with friends and social events. You're going to meet people who provoke your creativity and imagination at these.

Personal number 7 - Get rid of anything unneeded

The week will be marked by great changes but you're going to have to part with your old habits and attitudes for them. It won't be easy but you're going to have to focus on aspects of your life that you're already used to but that bring you no benefit. The week will be excellent in the love aspect, especially for those feeling lonely, who are going to have the opportunity to meet a person suitable for them.

Personal number 8 - Prepare for challenges

This week you can break free from your usual routine and even look at your problems from a different perspective. Prepare for serious challenges that will make you change your way of thinking. This week, those in love are going to have to share their responsibilities with their partner. Don't tolerate laziness, instead insist on discipline and a serious attitude.

Personal number 9 - Be together with loved ones more

This week will be abundant with joyous events that encourage you to get closer to those around you. It may turn out that you're the source of inspiration and stability for those who have lost faith in themselves. You're going to have plenty of opportunities for being with people who you count on, so don't miss these. In the love aspect, don't rush, give yourself time in order to build trust toward your partner.


Personal number 11 - Open up to others' emotions

Be more caring this week not only in your relationship with those around you but in your communication with them too. You may feel like being alone and devoting yourself to your favorite activities but you shouldn't isolate yourself from others. This is your opportunity to learn more about them and if you share something about yourself you can also count on their support in the future.

Personal number 22 - Don't ignore the problems

This week you're going to have to take a more serious look at your problems and discuss them with others. Don't succumb to the temptation to turn your back on your worries and have fun because they will only worsen, becoming even harder to resolve in the future. Only once you've made pragmatic plans about getting out of the complex situation should you hang out with friends or relax with good food and music at home.

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