Your Horoscope for Today - May 31

The 2 trines of Mercury in Taurus with Jupiter and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn will focus our efforts in such a way today that we will guarantee more security. We will all be required to be more responsible and serious in our tasks.

Aries - Today you'll successfully fall into the role of detective who seeks the hidden motive behind every action of the people around them. Your financial problems will motivate you enough to work more. Only by working overtime will you be able to solve your money problems. In your free time, devote yourself to exercises and relaxation by reading books.

Taurus - Even though you're going to have a hard time with the tasks at work, you'll be able to concentrate and finish everything on time. You can count on your coworkers, who are ready to give up some of their own time to help you. Expect good news at home that will charge you with a positive mood until the end of the week.


Gemini - Today you'll be in an exploration mood, especially in the home setting. By bringing order to your home you may discover items you've lost earlier this year. At work, your coworkers might make you a tempting offer, most likely a trip, where you'll have to take part in its organization.

Cancer - Even the short trips today will give you good ideas for investments. It's time to make small changes in your everyday life, that will positively affect you, such as starting the day with exercise instead of looking over social media. A meeting with friends, who have recently returned from vacation, will charge you with a cheery mood.

Leo - Thanks to a person that helps you at work you'll be able to handle the obstacles. Offers today will be intriguing but you shouldn't rush, instead think carefully on them before you act. Today you might meet up an old friend or ex, who will ask you for a favor, as they are going through a tough period.

Virgo - Your confidence will grow today due to the successful completion of an old project. But you're going to have to convince your bosses that you're ready for a promotion. Be cautious if you have to sign a contract, read it from start to finish before you sign it. Later on in the day you can organize a trip with friends.

Libra - Trips will be a main topic of discussion today and if you're planning one with large group, it's possible that a great many of them seek you out today. News from brothers or sisters may give you a good reason to have a family gathering and no matter what the information is, proper organization is key in order to handle it.

Scorpio - Your capability to work in a team today will be excellent. With small compromises you'll manage to order your assignments in such a way that you won't get overwhelmed. Information from younger individuals will be beneficial because it will give you advice for more authority and methods for earning more money in the future.


Sagittarius - The news today will be positive and you can use them as a guide for better professional realization. Small changes in the work atmosphere are also recommended. Today, try to eliminate the obstacles related to promises you've made but you don't have time to fulfill or the lack of order in your tasks.

Capricorn - You're going to need a bit more knowledge in order to handle the challenges today. Don't underestimate preparation made ahead of time and inform yourself before you jump into action. Your language skills will be to your advantage and if they are not that good you can sign up for a language class.

Aquarius - Your concentration will be excellent today, which will help you deal with the problems at work. Count on your experience and knowledge, which will be the right tools to find the exit out of any situation. Later on in the day you can have fun with friends.

Pisces - You'll be motivated by friends or your sweetheart to be more responsible in the tasks that await you. You have to put some financial limits on yourself and spend responsibly because there's a very real danger of you not having enough money if you're tempted to spend more.

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