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Monthly Horoscope for August

In the month of August, Mercury and Venus will move toward Leo. Mercury enters the fire zodiac sign on August 1st, and Venus - on August 12th. The full moon will take place in Aquarius, and the new moon - in Virgo.

The full moon on August 10th will give us the opportunity to realize original ideas, while the new moon on August 25th will drive us to take care of our health and work environment.

Aries - Be more sincere and open

After August 3rd, you will be charged with superhuman energy. You're headed toward your goal with the right tempo but you're lacking just a little bit of fire in your actions. The full moon on August 10th advises you to be more sincere because the month does not allow you to be phony. The new moon on August 25th will bring you something that you've wanted for a long time. With Venus entering Leo, your love life will improve significantly.


Taurus - You are filled with progressive ideas

Right around the time of the full moon, you will become filled with bold and progressive ideas. This will lead you to surround yourself with bold and bright people. In the middle of the month, it's possible for you to fall into a stressful period but it won't last very long. At the end of the month, the little things will bring you the most joy. This month you will be very creative.

Gemini - Be more reserved

In the beginning of the month you will be so focused on making someone else happy that you'll forget about your own happiness. Many obligations await you around the middle of the month. The planets advise you to be more reserved in order to spare yourself future disappointment. The new moon on August 25th will bring you back home, with you focusing on your security.

Cancer - Your friends will help you in critical situations

The full moon on the 10th will provide you many pleasures one after another. However, after the 21st, expect some challenges, which friends and relatives will help you with greatly. The new moon may draw more new friends on your side. You may be keeping in touch with them from a distance most of the time, but in the critical moments they will prove that you can count on them.

Leo - You increase your financial and material possessions

A new love appears on the horizon after the 10th of this month. Your radiance and luck will be more substantial than ever, for the most positive planets of the horoscope will be entering into your sign in August - the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Even so, this does not give you the right to be arrogant. After the 24th, it's possible for something to intensely provoke your anger but this will quickly pass. Up until the end of the month you will increase your financial and material possessions.

new moon

Virgo - You will be surrounded by friends

At the beginning of the month, it would be appropriate for you to join a new gym or dance school. The full moon on the 10th will point you in the right direction. You will be surrounded by many new like-minded people and friends. It's possible for a hidden gift to be unlocked in you in the middle of the month. During the last days of August, you will need to make a few alterations to your long-term goals.

Libra - A random act of kindness brings you happiness

Around the 10th of August, you will fully devote yourself to having fun with friends. August 18th will be a very happy day for you, bringing you joy because of a random act of kindness. At the end of the month you may come to the conclusion that you haven't been taking as much care of yourself as you had believed. Listen to your inner voice in order to heal your emotional wounds.

Scorpio - You will take care of your home

August 3rd and 4th will be your best days this month. You will handle every challenge that gets in your way without a problem. The full moon will guide you toward the home, letting you take care of that which is truly important. Expect surprises. At the end of the month you will surround yourself with friends and your social contacts will come to the fore.

Sagittarius - You reevaluate your dreams

After August 10th, the way to one of yours greatest desires will be opened. At the beginning of the month you will consider whether some of your dreams are genuine or simply whims. In the beginning of the month your luck will increase more than ever. At the end of August, you will once more reevaluate the opportunities presented to you by your career.

Capricorn - Check your income


August 8th and 9th will be the most productive days of the month for you. The full moon will influence your finances and material possessions in quite a positive way. Make certain that there are no hidden or ulterior motives behind your income. At the end of the month you will be filled with inspiration and big dreams for the future.

Aquarius - You will motivate the people around you

The full moon this month falls into your sign, which will make you the center of attention. People will listen to and follow you, while your task will be to motivate them further. With the advent of the new moon you will have to do a few small favors for those close to you. Be tactical and do not go overboard with anything.

Pisces - Your lonely routine will be no more

Your friends will drive away your quiet and lonely routine at the beginning of the month. Only do what is good for you and what you feel right about. In the middle of the month, you will have incredible luck, which will make you very happy. The new moon on the 25th will attract numerous new suitors, some of which will be remarkably impudent.

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