Tall people are happier

Tall people are happier

People who are taller are generally happier than the rest!

If you're wondering why happiness is your constant companion, measure your height and answer the question.

Most happy men are among those with a height of over 177 centimeters, and women with a height over 162 cm.

"Happiness is one of the privileges of tall people", says Angus Ditan, an economist at Princeton University and coauthor of the report of the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research.

The study also showed that tall people are more educated. Which automatically makes and their incomes higher than the lowest.

"Proceeding from personal experience, I can say that tall people are of more pleasant character. They do not require additional effort to be noticed and do not draw attention to themselves. When entering the room they can effortlessly be seen immediately", said Coleman Collins basketball participant in the study.

His words show that tall people are of a high opinion of themselves.

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Comments (2)

John Ortega
John Ortega
12.04.2013 00:38
WOW!I am short man but i feel i am the happiest person.I am well educated and earn a lot of money than ordinary or educated tall people.
16.06.2012 14:11
Tall ppl are happier?? Ma bff is really short + she is a bubbly, happy, bundle of full blown fun!!! Some ppl...xD xx

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