Facts about people with brown hair

Facts about people with brown hair

Researchers of the relationship between hair color and nature of people form their assumptions more carefully, by considering the physical properties of hair and beauty in general.

For example, brunet hair and jet black hair are the most dense and toughest varieties of follicles. This leads to the conclusion that their wearers are very responsible with a strong mentality, better at overcoming stress, and even to some extent - curmudgeon.

On the other hand, people with brown hair have an average of fewer hairs: between 100, 000 and 110, 000, much less than blondes, who have about 150 000. This fact is associated with lower susceptibility of Brunettes to spiritual and abstract undertakings. They are practical and earthy, with good orientation toward secular bustle and vanity. They are interested in facts that are pure and tangible through our five senses. They can maneuver, adapt and implement plans and projects, even in an environment of controversy, conflict and intrigue.

People with brown hair in all its shades are found to be particularly active and proactive. They carry much stronger power than that of the slightly sluggish and distracted representatives of blonde color.

Among friends, they are happy, smiling, cheerful and the "soul" of the company.

They also easily become attached to people who are admitted into their surroundings, even if they know them only since recently. Sometimes this can lead to obsession and desire to neglect the natural limits of privacy and tolerance and to seek invade the world of their beloved too fast.

Sometimes people with brown hair can not understand that the needs of their passionate and emotional nature are not shared and adopted in the same mode and expansiveness.

They usually find it difficult to manage overcoming the pain of betrayal or dissimilarity in character with their beloved, as well as with their friends.

They draw inspiration and confidence through flesh and exuberant manifestations of love, they can become very picky on how often the person they love is with them and how long they are willing to spend time together .

Also, people with brown hair are impressed by well prepared and tailored to their taste gifts, which may have a symbolic and monetary value, as long as you are more subject than abstract, like buying a star with their name.

Brunettes love to travel. For them, it is not enough to see an attractive exotic place only on a card sent to them by a friend. They want to be able to experience each adventure with their whole being in an ideal and memorable way.

They love to investigate the human psyche, relying on their sharp mind and use the path of logic, when approaching the solution of each problem. They can be identified as suspicious, easily lose confidence in others, and impatient with those who make mistakes.

People with brown hair have the necessary set of qualities to be called good leaders, although they are a bit selfish. They are much more likely to overlap with their official or personal relationship to make decisions, citing compromised ego. Their good management exhibits the ability to organize and rally their team to maintain a more personal and immediate relationship with every member. It can not be denied that they have a strong desire to achieve more success, especially if they are stimulated, by being placed in a competitive environment.

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Comments (12)

27.02.2016 00:28
This is exactly like me and i have honey coloured eyes and dark brown hair
20.08.2014 20:16
The traveling part id defiantly true. I want to see everything and visit everything-not just to say I traveled the world but for the history and adventure
17.04.2014 04:58
I have brown dark brown eyes and dark brown hair and this matched me almost exact
27.02.2016 00:30
You mean dark brown eyes
12.08.2013 04:16
I have brown hair and blue eyes. This was so accurate that it blew my mind. Very right and matches me exceptionally.
Sydney pepper
24.06.2013 00:11
I have golden brown hair and hazel eyes and I am all about being logical and realistic instead of pretending
19.02.2013 01:29
Okay, I was born a blonde, and my hair started turning brown when I hit 10. THIS is not TRUE. Whatsoever, I may be wrong. But this, is not true.
17.02.2013 06:42
Brown hair blue eyes
07.02.2013 18:30
Been eyes and brown hair :D

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