Your Weekly Horoscope Until September 23


This week we have one final shot at renewing our usual daily routine. Plan the tasks that will be beneficial for you at work, that will help you order the chaos all around you. Go for a prophylactic checkup at the doctor's.

Over the next few days, a practical mindset will be beneficial. So, rein in your strong emotions, set the limits you don't wish to be crossed and stick to reason.

Settle your relationships with your personal and business partners, with your finances and institutions. Remove all misunderstandings and get rid of everything that no longer serves you as intended.

This week, astronomical fall occurs, urging us to make room for new things. Leave behind everything old and unneeded in order to start fresh.

Aries - Focus on the serious tasks

This week you have one final chance to conquer more prestigious positions at the workplace. Order your priorities such that they serve your interests, even if they don't fully match the desires of those around you. Fight for leadership positions and distance yourself from everything that hinders your stability in the financial and emotional sense. Rein in your strong emotions and focus on your work.

Taurus - Focus on one of your dreams

Over the next few days, set aside more time for a dream that you can develop and make your daily routine more pleasant. You may find your calling and your place under the sun, in turn making you happier. Think again about certain old ideas of yours and do not be afraid of challenges. Make decisions regarding your successful professional realization.

Gemini - Resolve your problems with family and at home

In the days until September 23, make your home and family into your leading priority. Use every piece of news and information in order to find the weak points in this aspect and correct them on time. Try to bring order to your relationships with the people you share a roof with, and to your home itself. If you have some kind of problems, they will become obvious in the next few days and require resolution.

Cancer - Be careful with money

The decisions you make this week will affect your financial situation for a long period to come. Focus on all of the controversial issues and focus on the information that will help you resolve them. Discuss your dilemmas with others and consider every reasonable proposal. Over the next few days, be careful with your spending. Don't give or ask for a loan and limit your purchases.

Leo - Build financial stability

This week you have one final opportunity to positively affect your finances. Try to tip the scales in your favor and ally with energetic and initiative individuals that will help you adapt to the new conditions. Competition will be strong, while the demands toward you will be high, so watch out for mistakes that could impede your financial stability.

Virgo - Be initiative

Rely on your communication skills this week in order to further your personal goals. It depends on your initiative whether your tasks will be successful or not. You've got some hectic days ahead, especially at work but if you don't succumb to stress and think reasonably, you have a greater chance of realizing your goals. Resolve controversial situations calmly and reasonably, without resorting to emotional dramas.

Libra - Trust your intuition

During this week you may actually learn about certain secrets and conspiracies against you, ones that will provoke you to part with your natural indecisiveness. Be more observant and do not trust every single compliment because others could simply be using you. You're going to be more emotional over the next few days but also more acute. Trust your intuition. All it takes is one glance and you'll be able to see people's true intentions.

Scorpio - Learn more about the people around you

This week, you have the opportunity to heal your relations with friends and coworkers. You'll be able to find out who to trust during tough times and who is truly reliable. Be more active in the social aspect and try to learn more about those around you. Tension may arise in your home. Try not to lose control, check out all possible options for resolving the problem.

Sagittarius - Aim for higher positions at work

Use every opportunity this week to develop your career and work on your authority over others. You may hear news that are important to you or have circumstances change in a way to push you toward a different sphere of growth. If you're dreaming of a new career or a promotion, now is the time to be more initiative and get moving. You'll need to invest serious efforts but your hard work will be rewarded.

Capricorn - Work on your personal desires

This week, you can make the impossible possible if you set your imagination free and are bolder. Discuss your plans with those outside your immediate circle, travel and think more philosophically over your problems. Your personal desires need to be come first over the next coming days. Expect some surprises but no matter what happens, do not overlook yourself and your needs.

Aquarius - Seek collaboration for your finances

Think about what kinds of compromises you can make this week because you will need to give something up in order to obtain something else. To stabilize your financial situation, you're going to need support. Seek collaboration from your partner or explore the opportunities for creating a business partnership. Contracts with government institutions and banks will also help you stand on your feet.

Pisces - Discuss your problems with your partner

This week you have an opportunity to make positive changes in your partnerships - personal and business-related. Discuss your differences and reasons for your misunderstandings openly, in order to find a reasonable approach through which you can fix them. Be initiative and don't be afraid of bringing your problems out to the fore. Once you first talk about them, the tension you've been instilling in your relationships will finally fade.

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