Nerds are More Intelligent Than Others


People who often feel neurotic or anxious about something are more intelligent than others, claim Canadian scientists. Experts from the University of Ontario tested 125 individuals and the results categorically showed better results for the more timid ones.

Anxious people have a richer vocabulary, can categorize words more easily and figure out the meaning of proverbs faster, state the experts.

They claim that their intelligence is due to the fact that they need to constantly anticipate new verbal threats and figure out ways to save themselves from them. Whenever a person is overly timid, they are often made fun of by others.

The ability to predict potential threats likely gave an evolutionary advantage to anxious people over those who were excessively overweening, postulate the Canadians.

Those who have a better mastery of words, have an easier time thinking about the details of past and future events, they consider the situations from every possible aspect. According to the scientists, it is highly likely that this also fuels their constant nervousness.


In contrast to this, anxious persons find it very difficult to relax in front of a group of strangers - they are unable to communicate and feel out of place. Apprehensive individuals may shine with a higher intelligence but are more susceptible to depressive states.

The study shows that people who are more anxious may have better vocabulary "smarts" but at the same time, they perform worse on tests that are not of a verbal nature. In geometric problems, as well as those that required abstract thinking, the people who had no problems with anxiety showed the better results.

It turns out that intelligence is a problem for sex life. Ladies, who are more educated, are more boring in bed, claim the results of a study. The likely reason for this is that these types of women think too much and miss out on the pleasure.

Further, the study says, that the greater a person's intelligence, the less desire for sex that they feel. In order for the sex life of a couple, where the lady is highly intelligent, to be fulfilling, the man needs to be able to get her in the mood, sex therapists are adamant.

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