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The Third Person Syndrome

Third Person syndrome

"During our first Himalayan expedition with my friend down from the summit, we experienced a snow storm. There was lightning and the snow fiercely lashed in our faces. Only through our combined superhuman efforts, we managed to reach the camp. Upon entry into the tent, we both simultaneously said the same phrase: "The whole time I felt that there are three of us."

This says Lincoln Hull, and the phenomenon is called the syndrome of the third person, or third person factor. These are cases where people feel a presence, visible or invisible.

A similar thing happened with Vincent Lama - a famous doctor from Canada. In his youth, when studying for an entrance exam in medicine, he received encouraging advice in... A shower stall. One night he sat there and felt a presence. He did not see anyone, but he realized that he got encouraging advice on how to better prepare for the exam. Vincent He applied all the tips to his computer. Later he sought the person out, but it turned out that they disappeared mysteriously.

odd events

Another case. An Avalanche in the Rocky Mountains experienced mountaineer James Sevigny and his friend for the last 600 meters. He a crack in the spine, shoulder, arm, nose, left without teeth with broken caps on both knees.

When he came to, he saw his colleague dead. James was also ready to die. But suddenly some invisible creature began to convince him that he has to live...

Following his instructions, with James crawled back to camp with his last effort. All the time, he felt a saving presence near him.

During the first ever flight across the Atlantic in 1927, the brave pilot felt that someone "led them." This occurred after a 22 hours flight. He flew low over the ocean, using all his strength not to fall asleep. Suddenly he felt a presence in the plane! It was as if ther was a benevolent ghost, ready to help.

They livened the airman and actively discussed navigational problems and remained on board until the shores of Ireland appeared.



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