The world relies on numbers


According to many theories, the universe and man are only possible thanks to the unique combination of mathematical and physical constants - unchanging numbers.

Physicists have reverence for the physical constants. They do not change over time and space, and are the same everywhere in the universe.


Many of them are taught in school - the speed of light, the mass of the electron ... And if only one of these variables changed, according to physicists the world would not have appeared. And even if it had occurred, would not be suitable for humans.

It turns out that with some time constants, such as the ratio between the mass of electrons and protons, the strength of electromagnetic interactions changes.

These changes are very small, but nonetheless are there. Constants are changed every six billion years by one millionth. According to physicists, this means that after billions of years Earth will not be fit to live on.

The mystery of the emergence of global constants was an interest of Einstein’s. He wondered where they came from, but argued that each of them is entirely up to improbability.

Mysterious under the parameters of the universe, the reasonable needs of life roused the enthusiasm of many scientists.

Physical constants are more than numbers. They are like a secret code to unravel with which might be solved the mystery of the creation of the world.

Among the fundamental constants are ten that are most important. The total number of constants is thirty-seven. Among the most important is the number of Pi - 3.1415926535. It should figure of chaos - constant Fayhenbaum - 4 66920016. Then a number of time known as the number of Neper - 2.718281828.

The number of light is constant and the fine structure is equal to 1/137.0369990. The number of the outside world, known as the imaginary unit is equal to v-1. The number of the micro - proton mass is 1836.152.

The number of dark matter is 110 000 g/m3, and the number of the Big Bang, known as the Hubble constant is 77 km / s / vehicle. The number of gravity is 21.76 mg, and the number of infinity is a huge equation that is the biggest in the world and is even in the Guinness Book of Records.

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