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The Figure On Mars is a Woman

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Woman on Mars

The expert on extraterrestrial anomalies Joseph Skipper claims that the figure on Mars, which was photographed years ago, is that of a woman.

The photo, which shocked the world, was taken 5 years ago and sparked numerous debate, after being mentioned in almost all media outlets.

Experts from NASA refuse to give an explanation of the mysterious photograph to this day, even though it was taken by their own rover.

Life on Mars

According to Skipper, who enhanced the photograph he received from Rolf Varga, using technologies applied in forensic science, it is clear that the figure is that of a woman in the Earthly sense, because she has well defined forms - visible curves, breasts, thighs.

The figure of the woman with her outstretched is located in the Martian Gusev crater.

The coloration of the woman is much different than that of her surroundings - nothing on the Martian surface is the same as or looks like the color of the figure.

Experts estimate that the height of the figure is 11.8″ (30 cm) - 19.7″ (50 cm) tall. However, Skipper along with his fellow enthusiasts believe, that it could be taller.


It is also known that the image is composed of multiple shots, taken using a panoramic camera in the Gusev crater in the period between its 1366th - 1369th day of operation on Mars - from November 6 - 9, 2007.

It is believed that the Spirit Rover had not snapped just 1 picture of the mysterious figure but had photographed it from all angles.

For this reason, it is thought that NASA scientists know exactly what the figure in question is but remain silent for unknown reasons.

According to some hypotheses, the figure belongs to a humanoid, and to others - it is simply a rock, but it is a fact that beginning in 1877, many puzzling phenomena have been photographed on the Red planet.

Last year, NASA representative John Grotzinger announced that the Mars rover Curiosity has found minerals, unknown until now, that on Earth are often seen in the shells of aquatic animals.

If it can be proven that what was discovered on Mars belongs to sea animals, this will give undeniable proof that Mars harbored life in the past.