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These Historical Figures Died as a Result of their Gluttony

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Tycho Brahe

A serving of one's favorite dish, accompanied by their favorite drink, can be a genuine quick fix for body and soul, as long as they're enjoyed in reasonable quantities. But certain famous historical figures did not stop eating on time and actually died as a result of their gluttony.

Some may find this comical, others completely serious but the list shows that food can be like a drug and when we find something really delicious, it's hard to control ourselves.

Gluttony is indeed one of the 7 deadly sins and in the case of these historical figures it really did prove fatal.

Find out the dishes that were so tasty and tempting that led some to ultimately sacrifice their lives just to have another bite of them.

1. Tycho Brahe

Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe died in 1601 just several hours after a lavish feast during which he ate and drank to his stomach's content. His courteousness also played him a bad joke, for during the many hours of festivities he did not visit the bathroom even once, thinking it would be a sign of poor manners to leave the table while everyone else was eating. As a result, his bladder did not withstand this and led to his death.

2. Zachary Taylor

On July 4, American president Zachary Taylor had to preside over a great number of ceremonies commemorating the US national holiday and never did manage to eat anything throughout the whole day. Upon his return to the White House with an empty stomach, he drank 4 cups of cold water, a cup of warm milk and ate a large quantity of cherries all in one sitting. Just several hours later he felt severe stomach pains and died as a result of an gastrointestinal infection.

3. Adolf Frederick

Adolf Frederick
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In 1771, during a celebration, Swedish king Adolf Frederick decided to party as if it would be his last, without realizing that it really would be his final meal. He ate several lobsters, caviar, sauerkraut and 14 servings of the popular Swedish dessert known as semla. Several hours later, this vast amount of food poisoned him.

4. Denis Diderot


The renowned French philosopher loved to indulge his palate and all of his friends knew that he never left the table until he had finished everything that was served on it. But one night, while dining with his wife, Diderot just had way too much - after his lavish dinner he even asked for an apricot, which ultimately put an end to his life.

5. Henry I

The son of William the Conqueror was a big fan of lampreys - aquatic creatures with a toothy mouth that fed on the blood of fish. He would eat tremendous amounts of them and although his physicians warned him to be careful with their consumption, one evening he ate the subsequent huge serving of his favorite lampreys. He fell sick and died, all for his love of his favorite food.