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Your Numerology Horoscope Until December 25

Number 1

To find out what numerology has in store for you in the new week, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth.

The numbers 11 and 22 must not be added together because they are already karmic numbers according to numerology and bring additional opportunities, as well as responsibilities.

Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22. For example, if you were born on July 20, 1953, add up the digits of the day - 2+0=2, month number 7, and finally the digits of the year - 1+9+5+3=9.

In this case, the personal number is the sum between 2, 7 and 9, which gives us 18. Add 1+8 one final time and the result is the single digit 9.

1. Show what you're capable of

The coming week focuses on your personality and is leading you straight toward achieving your goals. Put yourself first and don't be afraid to show what you're capable of. Challenges lie before you but you're confident, energetic and nothing can frighten you. Present your ideas to others. Someone who is capable of supporting you is following your train of thought. Every undertaking requires initiative and self-confidence.

2. A new beginning is knocking at your door

This holiday week, it's time for a new beginning. Take the opportunity to do something that you're genuinely passionate about. Fight to make your wishes reality. Go beyond your own limits and act. There's no reason to feel worried and insecure. You're capable of showing your talents and making things happen. You overcome challenges with decisiveness, optimism and confidence. Don't be ashamed of your inborn potential.

3. Take advantage of the stars' timely position

This week you'll definitely be capable of creating new plans which you'll carry out with confidence in the future. You have faith in you abilities, as well as the necessary energy to finish what you've started. Your new ideas are unique and plentiful. To be able to appreciate their practicality at a later stage, it's best to write them down first. Your extra energy and complete belief that you're going to make it are indeed going to help you succeed. Be active and don't stop doing your thing, in order to take advantage of this influence.

4. Take this chance

This week you're going to have to get off the couch and get moving - whether it be a new exercise program or a personal initiative. This is the first step toward accomplishing your goals. Head toward what you desire with confidence. Prepare for a change, diversity and excitement. The starry aspect comes bringing many opportunities, which you need to grab and begin new undertakings. No matter what you decide to pursue, make sure it matches your personal beliefs and values.

5. A time for progress and development

This week you're going to look to the future with certainty and make long-term plans. Start the process by first taking a look at yourself and seeing where you stand at the moment. You're capable of visualizing your goals and making them reality. This is a time for progress and development. Believe in yourself and stride forward with confidence. The stars bring positive changes to your personal life as well. New opportunities always help things happen faster.

6. Success but not at all costs

It would be wise to finally take care of yourself this week and most of all - get the sleep you need. You're brimming with new ideas which continue to come to you. It's going to quite hard for you relax with so much information swimming around you. Channel your creative thoughts within the boundaries of your own perceptions and cooperation with others. The period brings unique results and proceeds. Try not to get too greedy.

7. Your ideas instill admiration

The week brings inspiration for something special. Everything you try your hand at - poetry, writing, art, will yield impressive results. This is your chance to shine at work, by presenting your innovative ideas and solutions. Others feel inspired by your excellent proposals and give you the courage to apply them. Don't be afraid to share even the most radical among these. Treat everyone with the necessary respect and compassion.

8. Go with the flow

This week you're going to feel particularly concerned toward others and want to help. You'll get ideas about how to improve your current situation. Some will be inspired by your achievements, will want to emulate you and turn you into their idol. An annoying problem will be resolved suddenly. Rely on your intuition and don't over-analyze things. Listen to your inner voice - it will lead you in the right direction.

9. Free your mind of the old and welcome in the new

This week it would be wise if you found a quiet spot to meditate or simply clear your thoughts. Your consciousness is sensitive and periodically requires this kind of recharge. Your intuition is strong and will bring you several surprising insights. Focus on sharing thoughts and ideas that will inspire others. Get involved in a creative project or something related to art. You're gifted with an ingenious mind that generates huge, genius ideas.

11. Share your wisdom

You're ready to lead and provide constructive ideas. You may think that you have nothing to offer but remember - you never know what will inspire the person across from you. The time is ideal for stepping away from your usual routine and focusing on others, helping them in any way you can. Working as part of a team in creative groups is beneficial and improves your own development.

22. Every dream becomes reality

The week is chock full of motivation and energy, making you do things. You're going to feel inspired to create something new and original. Ideas are flowing in, enthusiasm is at its peak and you simply can't take "No" for an answer. This is the perfect recipe for success and progress. Many new opportunities will be available at your disposal.

The unison of your mental and physical energies will bring every set goal to its successful completion. Be optimistic and focus on making your dreams reality.