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The Rosicrucians and Their Mystical Teachings of Life


During the 17th century a mystical movement called Rosicrucianism arose, the name inspired by its original founder Christian Rosenkreuz. It's also known as the Order of the Rosy Cross. The Rosy Cross itself is the symbol of the Rosicrucian order.

This was a secret society accessible only to selected and enlightened individuals. Members of the order included famous persons from literary circles - Percy Shelley, Goethe, Aleister Crowley, Jorge Borges and others. According to some researchers, the Rosicrucians who founded the order were surviving Knights Templar, meaning the organization first arose in the 17th century.

What happened in order for the world to learn of their existence?

The reason why regular people learned of the Rosicrucians was because they chose to reveal themselves.

History, beliefs and existence of the Rosicrucians

According to some critics Christian Rosenkreuz was a completely made up person, while his followers claim he was indeed real. In his younger years he traveled to Syria, Egypt and Morocco to attain enlightenment in regards to various mysteries. Upon his return he decided to spread the enlightenment he had received among the people of Europe. But he was met with non-understanding and open resistance. So he returned to his native Germany, where he founded the secret society.

The Rosicrucian Society

Rosicrucian Order

The Rosicrucian Order decided to reveal itself to the world when 120 years after the death of Rosenkreuz one member of the order discovered his grave. This event was seen as a sign that the Rosicrucians must enlighten the people who are hungry for knowledge, more specifically those who had reached a level of spiritual development that made them worthy of this knowledge. They announced that they held the key to hidden knowledge which would bring mainstream society to a new era in its development.

The symbol of the order was created based on the name of Christian Rosenkreuz - an intertwined rose and cross, though the meaning of this symbol goes well beyond the connection to its creator. It signifies the connection between spirit and the material or God and nature. The rose is the symbol of the heart of he who seeks knowledge, which lies at the intersecting point of the horizontal reality of life and the vertical desire for the divine. Unity between these concepts lies at the base of esoteric teachings.

The Rosicrucians Today

The order has its followers today, especially in the US. The spirit is predominant and focus is on its evolution. The body is just an instrument that is replaced to best serve the needs of the spirit.

"It's easy to control others. It's hard to impose obedience on yourself, " goes one of the teachings of the Rosicrucians.