Illuminati Conspiracy: a planet with 500 million people
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Illuminati Conspiracy: a planet with 500 million people

Illuminati Conspiracy: a planet with 500 million people

Aerosol air operations that aim to spread highly toxic and radioactive substances, viruses and bacteria are helping with the depopulation of humanity.

This theory is embedded in the film "What we sprayed from the sky" of the U.S. producer Michael Murphy. The conspiratorial plot reveals the circle of people in the shadows, the Illuminati, who control the planet and pursue a new world order.

The Illuminati are a secret society. This term is associated with sinister associations of conspirators, who seek to govern world affairs and to revolutionize the existing order. The film is a continuation of "Aerosol Crimes", which came out six years ago.

Illuminati Conspiracy: a planet with 500 million people

According to the authors of "What we sprayed from the sky", air operations are disguised as anti-global warming or attempt to influence the climate to prevent catastrophic natural disasters.

How noble, right? Behind the alleged good cause, lies the Illuminati’s devilish plan to reduce the number of residents on earth, and cause widespread morbidity and mortality.

The documentary begins with a ribbon conference of the American Association for scientific progress (AANP) in San Diego, California. The main theme of the collection is an artificial modification or geo-engineering of the climate. Discussed was the idea of spreading millions of tons of fine aluminum powder in the atmosphere to combat global warming. Two geo-engineers were shocked by the recognition that actually no research was carried out on the harmful effects of aluminum on human health.

Despite this fact, however, these air injections were performed for several years - dating anywhere from 1991, when the stratosphere was lined with aluminum oxide and thorium to reduce global warming.

Three years later, the U.S. competent authorities (supposedly) took the battle of the absorption of ultraviolet radiation through the dispersion of melanin, composed of polymer particles.

So whether it is coincidence, that over the last two decades, skin cancer rose rapidly throughout the world, ask the authors of the conspiracy theory.

At various places around the world, continuing to be periodically conducted in complete secrecy, aerosol operations scatter tons of the highly toxic and radioactive substances such as aluminum, barium, strontium, thorium, cadmium, magnesium, titanium zinc and others.

The authors of "What we sprayed from the sky? " have a thesis that the Illuminati kept a quiet war against humanity, leading programs of depopulation and extinction of the world.

The ten commandments are carved on four enormous granite slabs in eight different languages. Records of advice are in the U.S. state of Georgia, County Elberton. The Occult monument is called the Constitution of the New Order, and is addressed to the special group of people who survived the Apocalypse, who know who the real author of the granite commissions is.

It is believed that the only person who knows the truth about this monument is 78-year-old banker Martin Wyatt, but he kept the secret for himself. According to one legend, a man named Robert Christian ordered five massive slabs of polished granite - each of which is 6.10 meters high and weighs 20 tons, as to be difficult to destroy in a disaster.

Christian told the company that developed the monument, that it will serve as a compass, a calendar and a guide to survival for a handful of survivors, to create a better civilization than this one.

The first commandment states: "The population of the land should never exceed 500 million people, " writes "Shock".

What should happen with the other 6 billion human beings? They are to be liquidated.

People wonder why their health weakens, why they are increasingly resorting to an ambulance, why they can hardly breathe, why more and more suffer from Alzheimer's? All this was planned by a small elite group, who like to be called the Illuminati, or as we call them, the conspirators... They are not interested in ordinary people. They care about themselves and their purpose is to eliminate three-quarters of the world's population. “It’s just the way things are”, says former Arizona Senator, Karen Johnson, who starred in "What we sprayed from the sky? “

If you are wondering what can cause the aluminum one, dispersing into the sky, the answer is given by Dr. Lenny Time. "When aluminum is in a state of oxide, and gets into the body, it forms a plaque in the arteries of people, which is life threatening! Aluminum is extremely hazardous to biological systems, not leaving until it has destroyed the entire organism. Over time accumulating in the body, causing serious neurological disorders, stored in the form of oxide, which the human body alone cannot expel. "

Aluminum causes cancer and remains in the body for years. The incidence of Alzheimer's has increased drastically in recent years and the relationship with the accumulation of aluminum in brain cells is obvious! Almost every family has an adult suffering from Alzheimer's and the reason is hardly in the aluminum cans from which we drink soda. “My father died from Alzheimer's, but never drank sodas from aluminum cans” said Senator Johnson.

The film reveals the truth about flu epidemics around the world, and how in recent years after the air has been dispersed, a huge number of viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and other biological agents are still knocking at our doors.

The epidemic of swine flu was artificially induced, say the authors. This is how the global health authorities controlled by the Illuminati, impose fear and panic of infectious diseases among the world's population and force them to be vaccinated!

But then there is the case of completed vaccinations, as in the case with the aerosol operations, through direct injection into the human body infected substances and super toxic foreign genetic material, which gradually damages human health.

Cases of severe disability, paralysis and death immediately after administration of the vaccine are so many, that it is impossible to be recorded. The World elite used biological weapons as vaccines to place humanity under their control, anti- conspirators claim.