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Electronic Devices are a Cause of Insomnia

Nina NordNina Nord

If you cannot sleep well and wake up numerous times during the night, the reason for it might be your smart phone, laptop or tablet. This occurs when using devices with bright screens before sleep.

Further, such behavior may cause a feeling of tiredness in the morning, because your body will not have been able to get enough rest.

Unfortunately, the cell phones and computers which make our lives more pleasant and productive, can become the cause of less sleep during the night.

As a result, in the morning your body feels drained and you do not feel capable of working. This is because most people use their electronic devices before bed.

The artificial light, which is present in the period between sundown and the point when we fall asleep, suppresses the release of the hormone of sleep - melatonin.


This increases alertness and the circadian rhythm is postponed for a later hour. This makes it even more difficult for your body to fall asleep easily.

Using light-emitting screens in the bedroom leads to people getting less sleep than they need. 6/10 people use a laptop or computer at least a few nights a week.

The majority of people, especially those who are younger, use the Internet every night. This may have an effect on the physical health of people, since the lack of sleep affects the ability to work.