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Driverless Cars in the Future?

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Google Car

Google is among the major international companies responsible for the unique technological advancement of humanity. Their latest idea that they are bringing to fruition is the car of the future, one that will drive itself.

The tech giant Google unveiled a functioning prototype of their autonomous car. Official info on it was released in May, when the external design of the vehicle was revealed as well.

Regarding the technical specifications of the model, we know that it will be able to reach 25 mi (40 km) / hour. Its design leans toward practicality rather than luxury.

Google announced that it cost them a long time to combine the 2 main elements of their car - the automobile, such as brakes and steering wheel, and the autonomous - computer and sensors. They were tested separately on many prototypes of the prototypes. Today they have been combined in 1 fully functional and working prototype.

From here on out, numerous road tests lie ahead. If they turn out successful, starting next year we will be able to see the driverless car on the streets of California.

The small electric cars will have 2 seats. Initially, Google is planning to produce 200 of these cars in the short term.

The autonomous car, in its foremost state, won't be operable manually. It won't have any steering wheel, pedals and stick shift. But once the system is fully completed, these will be added, in accordance with law.

The company expresses its hope that the new automobile will be put into production within 5 years. It will be the 1st of its kind. Currently there are several companies that use similar technology. They are experimenting with the automatization of only certain functions, such as start-stop systems or systems for automatic parking.

The driverless car is one of the 8 projects developed by the experimental wing of Google. It focuses on new technologies that have the potential to change entire industries in the future.

Besides the new cars, they are working on projects for balloon-powered internet, wind turbines situated in the sky, smart glasses Google Glass and many other innovative ideas.