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Fairies and nature spirits

Fairies and nature spirits

Today we will tell you about the natural spirits – Fairies, spirits and salamanders.

Fairies are the most beautiful natural spirits. They live in the water element, meaning its Eternal part is from which water is visible outside the event. People who live in a lonely desolate places like near rivers or lakes, believe in the existence of water nymphs.

Fairies and nature spirits

There is a superstition that those born between days 20th and 24th of November are gifted with the ability to hear their songs, because the spirits love to splash the waves at sunset or during the lunar nights.

Legends tell of cases where water nymphs have fallen in love with people, married and even had children. They were very loyal, but made very jealous wives. One man cheated on his fairy not only for her return back to her kingdom, but she was also ruthlessly avenged.

Fairies and nature spirits

Nymphs people are not human and therefore are not immortal, but can become if they join with a man.

Spirits of the air, can be giants and can be dwarfs. They do not favor people and contact with them is dangerous. Some are good spirits, the god of winds, for example, can be very pleasant when we are presented with a cool breeze in the summer gale, but can be scary when triggered by a storm and destruction.

Salamanders are spirits of fire. They are dangerous. They are attracted to fires for no caused apparent reason.

A gnome is a red dwarf, guarding the precious deposits in the depths of the Earth and are guardians of the land element. Fabulous creatures inhabit rocky holes and caves deep in the bowels of the earth. They are portrayed as bearded and wearing pointed hats and striped clothing and living in natural areas close to the ground and care for wildlife.